Author’s choice today — so I say, how about a little more about Sandy and Troy from Hidden Heat?

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[H]is thumb began making circles on the inner flesh of her wrist. Who knew that part of her hand could be an erogenous zone? None of her other boyfriends had made that connection before. She pressed her thighs together at the promise in his words. From the heat in his expression, this was most definitely a date.

Not trusting her voice, she nodded. Only when the waiter arrived with their food did Troy release her. The rest of the meal he found whatever excuse he could to touch her. Reaching for the salt, refilling her wineglass, handing her the dessert menu. Each time he touched her, his eyes locked on hers.

“Taste this.” He held a spoonful of his crème brulee to her lips. Electricity zinged through her body, bouncing beneath her skin like a summer field filled with fireflies. His gaze locked on her lips, her tongue, as she cleaned the spoon with light licks. He lowered the spoon only to lift it, filled again, with yet another command to taste the creamy dessert. By the time they finished, every inch of her body was ready to spontaneously combust. The wait for the check seemed interminable and she found herself squirming, trying to find relief from the need he’d spawned.

Less than ten minutes after they’d pulled out of the restaurant’s parking lot, Troy parked the SUV by her apartment building’s front door. The hand he placed on the small of her back as they walked to the building firmed her resolve. It’s not that she’d never considered Troy that way before but now he was really here, touching her, and her body simmered with anticipation.

She waited until the elevator doors closed and then turned to face him. Reminding herself he’d already kissed her once, she curled her fingers around the collar of his coat and tugged him closer. With her stilettos, she was almost his height. All she had to do was tilt her face and press her lips against his. His body went rigid for a moment, then his lips parted and his tongue brushed hers.

Warmth quickly spread from his lips through the rest of her body, caressing and curling around her breasts until they were heavy, her nipples hard, weakening her knees. He slid his hands down her side and around to cup her backside. The heady scent of her arousal wafted between them, her panties dampening as he rocked his erection against her mound.

Intoxicated to be in his arms once again, to be under his control, Sandy lost herself in the kiss until the elevator bounced to a stop and the door slid open.

“This is your floor.” Though he’d broken the kiss, his hands didn’t move from their place on her ass.

“So it is.” Reluctantly, she stepped back and captured his hand before it dropped to his side. She led him down the hall, fumbling one-handed in her purse for her keys, afraid that if she let go of him he’d find an excuse to leave. The key turned in the lock and she pushed the door wide. There were no lights on, and Jazz’s boots weren’t in their usual place on the boot mat. Xander looked up from where he’d curled on the couch then dismissed them as unimportant.

To her disappointment, Troy attempted to extract his hand from hers. “I should go.”

“No,” she whispered. “You should stay.”

She stepped into her apartment and tugged. He resisted a moment, then took one step—only one—across the threshold before he stopped and shook his head. “This isn’t a good idea, Sandy.”

Perhaps not, but it was exactly what she needed. Besides, if they had any chance at having a relationship, he needed to know from the beginning exactly what she expected.

This story is full of action, lots of hot guys, plenty of sex and even some drama. ~ Terri, Night Owl Reviews

Not caring that the door was open, she tossed her coat on the couch, disturbing the cat. She undid the remaining buttons on her blouse and shrugged out of it. Struck by the cool air, her nipples furled into hard buds beneath the lace of her bra. “I want you to stay. All night.”

His eyes closed and his Adam’s apple bobbed as he swallowed hard. “I may want things you aren’t prepared to give.”

“I won’t know until you ask me, will I?” Before he could say no, she let the silk fall to the floor at her feet, then she captured his hand and pressed his warm palm against her breast. “This is what I want. Trust me.”

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