When I had to come up with a Midnight Rider, a hunky hero, one immediately popped into my mind. Probably because he’s the hero I hear the most comments about.

Sam Watson, the owner of Hauberk Protection.

Sam is definitely a midnight rider, and not only of his Harley Davidson. Which he never did get to ride in his own story Personal Protection (though he does in Private Property.) In this scene, he gets to ride something–or someone–else in the midnight hours…Enjoy!

Hours later, she snuggled against him, her breath even as she slept. She felt like a tiny kitten beneath his fingers, her bones frail, crushable beneath his great weight. Yet she’d made love as fierce as a tiger. As she slept she muttered something and frowned. Using his thumb, he smoothed the worry line from her forehead.

“There’s no reason to worry about anything when I’m with you, baby,” he whispered. “I’ll take care of you.”

Except by being with him was she now a target?

He’d have to make sure that no one outside of his team knew they were a couple.

She murmured again but didn’t fully wake. He pressed a kiss to her cheek then nuzzled her neck, murmuring sweet nothings. Instead of waking so he could make love to her again, she relaxed and drifted back to her dreams.

No kissing her in public, that was for sure.

The sheet he’d covered them with had drifted down and left one breast bare. Very lightly, he cupped it, rubbing his thumb over the nipple, marveling at how it puckered even while she slept.

No holding hands or touching her in public either.

Damn, this was going to be tough.

To his surprise, her hand splayed over his belly, then slid down. Her fingers wrapped around his half-erect cock. He glanced at her face and saw her heavy-lidded eyes watching him.

Even though it was past midnight in November, her smile turned the room into midday in July.

…a vibrantly refreshing story that sizzles with a burning sensuality, all with a depth of emotions that will unlock the reader’s hidden desires ~ Shannon, The Romance Studio

He bent down and kissed her, his tongue teasing her lips, coaxing them open so he could taste her again. She was so sweet and yet there was a fire in her that drew him to her to bask in her heat. He trailed his lips over her cheek and down her neck to a spot just below her ear where he sucked and nipped until she moaned and arched her breast into his hand.

Where before he’d taken her quickly, now he took his time to get to know her body, to discover its secrets. Like how she loved one side of her neck being kissed but not the other. And how her nipples pebbled and peaked with a mere touch of a fingertip. Again and again he’d return to her mouth, to sample her kisses, before returning to explore the rest of her body.

When he finally allowed himself to taste her sweet, creamy pussy again, her quiet moans and sighs were better than any screams of pleasure.
And when he’d rolled onto his back, pulling her on top of him, his magnificent spitfire took him into her body without hesitation and rode him to oblivion.

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