I think my favorite family (that I’ve written so far) are Texas Tangle’s Barnetts. Most of the times my heroes or heroines are from broken families or dysfunctional families, but the Barnett’s? They’re one of those really close families where they are always there for each other. (Well, they are in Texas Tangle…if I ever get back to writing a follow-up story, there’s trouble in them thar…um, bedrooms?) I had a lot of fun writing this scene where the “boys” all got together, set to the task of washing the family dinner dishes. I, uh, may have borrowed some of the way my sons trash talk each other. Maybe. A little bit. 😉

[A]ll right, let’s get this done.” Brett grabbed his plate and stacked it with Nikki’s. “Matt, you’re washing. Griffin, Ethan, you’re on rinse detail. Dillon and I will dry.”

Solutions often came to him when he was working at mindless tasks. Maybe the dishes would help him sort through the myriad of questions assailing him. Like what the hell had tipped Gramma Barnett to what had happened the night before? As much as he’d wanted to blame someone else, he knew neither Dillon nor Nikki had said anything. Which meant that canny old woman picked up on some vibe resonating from them. How soon before the others clued in?

“Aw, man, why do I have to be the one handling the dirty dishes every Sunday? Why can’t Ethan or Griff do the washing this week?” Matt complained. But he plodded over to the sink and turned on the water, squirting the dishwasher detergent into the stream. “We could at least buy a dishwasher. You’ve got one, Dill. And you live alone.”

“There’s three of them now,” Ethan reminded his youngest brother. He leaned a hip against the counter while they waited for the sink to fill. “Hey, Dill? Did you know about Gramma’s great-grandparents? Was she telling the truth, or was she yanking our chains?”

Good question. If Gram had said something, maybe that’s where Dillon had gotten his idea for the night before. He studied Dillon as he opened the pantry.

Dillon’s face showed only puzzlement when he handed another towel to Brett. “I don’t know. I can’t say I’ve heard those stories before.”

Maybe Dillon’s subconscious had remembered them? Nah. He’d been a cop too long and saw conspiracies where there were none.

After scraping off a plate, Matt plunged it into the water. “So is she right? Are you two doin’ Nikki at the same time?”

Before Brett could react, Griffin popped Matt on the back of his head. “Moron, you don’t ask a question like that. Shee-it.”

“Hey! I was only askin’. ’Sides, Gramma’s the one who brought it up. I didn’t see you objecting to her talkin’ about it.”

“Yeah, like that would go down well,” Griffin snorted.

“Didn’t you see how red Dillon turned?”

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Couldn’t have been much redder than he was right now. Only then it had been from embarrassment. Right now, Dill looked like he was ready to take the boy down and pound the words back down his throat. Pretty much the same feelings he himself was fighting.

Not realizing the jeopardy he was in, Matt continued, “I think they are both doing Nikki—”

That did it. Brett lunged. Just as his fingertips grazed Matt’s shirt, Dillon and Ethan grabbed him.

At the same time, Griffin hooked his elbow around Matthew’s head and put him in a headlock. “You wanna get your face smashed in, fuckhead? You better apologize and fast.”

“For what?” Matt grunted as he struggled to free himself.

Griffin rolled his eyes toward the ceiling. “For disrespecting Nikki, you frickin’ dipshit. Jesus, Matt, I can’t believe we share the same DNA. You’re such a jerkwad sometimes.”

“All right already. I apologize.” Once released, he brushed a hand through his hair. “I just think it’s cool that they’re both doin’—”

With a groan, Griffin hauled Matt out of the kitchen and onto the porch, cursing him all the way. “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of him.”

“Let me go, asshat.” Matt’s whining died off as Ethan joined Griffin in hauling their youngest brother away.

The pounding in Brett’s ears subsided. With Griffin, Dillon and Faith by his side, and from the sounds of it Gramma Barnett’s approval, it didn’t matter what anyone said about what had happened the night before if it ever got out. The Barnetts would be there for him, as well as Dillon. Supporting them no matter what.

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Snippet Saturday: We are Family

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  • July 21, 2012 at 7:15 am

    I loved this story and it was my introduction to your writing. I would love to see a follow up story. There were so many interesting characters. I have remember to get this book for my next door neighbor who was looking for something to read.

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