When I originally signed up for this week’s Snippet Saturday challenge, I’d planned to put up a snippet from Hidden Heat showing Sandy and Jazz’s friendship. But there’s one scene that always sticks with me about how good friends would give up their own happiness for the other…so I pulled out one of my favorite scenes from …

[T]hey worked in silence until he plunged another dirty saucepan into the water. “If Nikki says no, we don’t pressure her, right? We respect her decision, no matter what it is.”

Dillon had the good grace to look offended. “Of course. You think I’m that much of a dickhead?”

“Hey, you said it, not me.”

“Thanks a lot for the vote of confidence.” Dillon took the pot Brett handed him and dried it. Once he’d balanced it on top of the others underneath the cabinet and closed the door, he wadded up the towel and stared at it for a moment. “I love Nikki. I’d love nothing better than to have her live with me for the rest of my life. But I don’t want anything to…” He cleared his throat. “You’re like a brother to me, Brett. You’re…what I’m trying to say is…you and me…”

“Yeah, I get it. You love me.” Though he tried to keep the remark off-hand, Brett felt the heat rising into his face even as his throat closed in again.

“Yeah.” Dillon exhaled. “Yeah, I do. I just…I’m not good at saying it. Especially to guys, you know?” He took another deep breath. “Look, last night, when you and Nikki were making love…well, that’s just it. You two were making love. I don’t want to come between that. If it comes down to it, if she can’t make a decision, then I’ll step back.”

Sexual, sensual, loving, caring, unique.. hot yet caring. It’s adventurous but loving.  “Reviewer’s Top Pick“  ~ Terri, Night Owl Romance

While part of Brett whooped in relief, another part of him wanted to sink onto a chair and bury his face in his hands. “Why would you do that, Dill? Why would you walk away from a woman you say you love?”

“Because she’s happy with you. And you’re happy with her. And you both deserve to be happy. And…” Dillon ran his hands through his hair until he resembled a porcupine with his quills ready to shoot. “You lost your chance with her before because of me. Think of it as me doing the right thing finally, setting the record straight.”

Torn between wanting to say “too little, too late” and “about fuckin’ time,” he realized Dillon had missed the point. “I appreciate the gesture, but I don’t think that’s your decision to make, Dill. It’s Nikki’s.”

Still, the broken part of him inside, the part Dillon had fractured years ago, the part he’d hidden away and tried to pretend didn’t still hurt, eased. No matter who Nikki chose, they’d still be friends.

Dillon shrugged one shoulder. “Yeah, I know. Look, while I’ve got you alone, I’ve been wanting to talk to you about that.”

Brett’s hold on the pot he’d been washing tightened, every muscle tense. “About what?”

“About what happened ten years ago.”

 I couldn’t get enough of it and had to read it twice, okay – three times! ~Talia Ricci, Joyfully Reviewed

Using all his concentration, he placed the pot back in the water and released it before turning to face Dillon. He opened his mouth to say something but no words came out.

Dillon stared at his boots and took a deep breath before looking him straight in the eye. “I’m sorry for being such a prick. I shouldn’t have beat on you when I’d not told you I liked Nikki. Looking back on it, I’m surprised you ever came back to Texas, and even more surprised that you still talk to me.”

Had Dillon forgotten the countless times he’d stepped in and stopped him from getting beat up when he and his dad had first arrived in Barnett county? Or how many times he’d awoken from one of the endless nightmares he’d had the months, years, after he’d come to live with the Barnetts and found Dillon crouched beside him, willing to talk late in the night until the demons receded? No matter how many times he swallowed, he couldn’t clear the lump that formed in his throat. “You’re my friend, Dill. I couldn’t walk away like that.”

“Yeah, some friend I was.” Dillon broke eye contact and started examining his boots again. “Friends don’t beat the crap out of each other like I pounded on you that night.”

After another deep breath, he raised his head again, misery clouding his eyes. “I’m real sorry. For everything.” He stuck out his hand. “You’re a better man than me, Brett. Will you accept my apology?”

Brett eyed Dillon’s outstretched hand. “You’re not gonna wanna hug me or some touchy-feely shit like that, are you?”

Dillon’s grin lit up his face. “Nah, this is Texas after all. I’ll settle for a good old-fashioned handshake.”

Brett grabbed the towel Dillon had left wadded up on the counter and dried his hands with jerky movements. Despite the assurance, when he clasped Dillon’s hand, he found himself dragged into a hug, Dillon slapping his back.

“Geez, Dill.” He extracted himself and turned back to the sink, not wanting Dillon to see how much it had affected him. “Shit, if Nikki had walked in right then, she’d have thought we’re going all Brokeback Mountain and would hightail it out of Texas, let alone your place.”

After popping Dillon one in the shoulder, Brett walked out of the house. He jumped off the porch and wandered over to the pasture, resting one foot on the fence as he stared at the grazing horses. If he was lucky, Dillon wouldn’t follow him and expect him to talk because, goddamn it, his fucking throat had closed up again.

Love it, Couldn’t put it down…wickedly addictive and an emotionally stimulating love story..Spectacularly hot ménage love story that will have you turning up the air conditioning from the get go! ~ Book Junkie

There had to be another way than having a permanent polyamorous relationship. Hell, he couldn’t even get his tongue around the words, let alone the idea. Yet no matter how many times he turned the solution around and examined it from every angle, the only way everyone could win was if Nikki never made a decision, if they continued living together, the three of them.

What would the Barnetts think in reality? Let alone everyone else in Barnett county? And yet…and yet it might be the perfect solution.

What the hell was he thinking?

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Snippet Saturday: Best Friends

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