Over on Facebook this morning, I commented on my status that I really hoped no one was checking my browser history. (Don’t ask what I’m researching today.) It reminded me of a post I did back in 2009 … so I thought I’d recycle it for those of you who follow me now and missed it the first time around.


I often wonder if anyone (meaning government agencies) monitors my emails. Because they must go a little nuts when they start reading mine.

In the past few years, I’ve exchanged emails about:

  • how morphine and other opiates were made in historical times.
  • how a bad guy could sabotage a car to stop it after it’s been on the road for several miles.
  • if a gun has gotten wet, could it be fired without being cleaned
  • could a gun be fired under water
  • how to hack a computer to track a kidnapper/money launderer/Colombian druglord
  • what trouble a lawyer might get in if they have an affair with a witness
  • all sorts of BDSM topics
  • where a good place to crash a small plane in South Carolina would be
  • what type of poison could be used that wouldn’t be traced through a standard tox screen
  • date rape drugs – what are the effects, how easy are they to obtain, how to detect if they’ve been added to a drink
  • the smell of a dead body after it’s been decomposing in a warm closed room for over three weeks. (Actually I answered someone else’s question on that one–yes, from real life experience.)

Let’s see, how many agencies would I have involved there? The DEA definitely, the FBI probably, possibly the CIA for the Colombia reference, Homeland Security? numerous police organizations and bar associations. I have no idea who might keep track of BDSM questions. All of the above?

Sometimes the questions end up taking a lot more time to ask and answer than writing the actual scene. Even if it’s something fairly small and insignificant, I’ll Google until I can find the answer, or fire off a question to one of my “experts.” Sometimes the question is serious, like the ones above, and sometimes, they’re … well, they’re not quite so serious.

Last night, I thanked my lucky stars that I saved emailing my question to BlueSue, who breeds and raises Arabian horses, until late at night…


I write erotic romance, so the questions and answers may offend some.
For me? It’s all a scientific exploration (and a heckuva lot of fun!)

The question I asked Sue?

Leah: What marks would a saddle leave if the heroine were pressed over one sideways?

Sue: is she leaning forward over the saddle while he takes her from behind?

Leah: Yup (Does Sue know me or what?!!!)

Sue: LOL! ok. English or western tack?

Leah: Western

Sue: leaning over it sideways, even the best of saddles is going to be pretty painful, and probably leave a lot of damage… Bruised boobies from the swell and cantle. probably cuts/deep scrapes from the conches and even from the edges of the leather. her belly would be bruised from the edge of the leather at the bottom of the jockey. It’s thick, heavy leather – for a western saddle, even if it’s well made and soft, it’s not designed to be comfortable from that direction.

Leah: (thinking this but not sending it to Sue) Ouch. That doesn’t sound sexy. I think I may need to re-choreograph this scene.

Sue: if they drop their pants anywhere near the hay, they’ll be picking hay stems out of their cracks for hours. I promise….

Leah starts snickering.

Sue: It would be very awkward and entertaining.

Sue: If the saddles are on free standing racks/stands, if the sex is rough, they’re likely to push it over. LOL. *ahem*

Leah’s snickering changes to chuckles as she ponders how exactly Sue might have determined this bit of trivia

Sue: OH! barn cats. if she has a barn cat, it will be rubbing between their legs. dogs, goats, horses… everything will watch, or be staring eagerly at the door when they finally walk out.

Leah is bent over busting a gut from laughing so hard as her imagination starts crafting the scene.

Writing stops dead for the night. (Which was a pity because I wrote almost 6K yesterday, for a total of 19,042 words in one week – it’s not a record for me, but considering how the words haven’t been flowing lately, I’m thrilled!) The laughter however continued for quite some time afterward.

But OH, what a scene I’ve got planned now! Thanks Sue!

I sure hope whoever is monitoring my emails, if there is anyone monitoring them, got a good laugh out of it too.

By the way, does anyone recognize what book and scene I used that information in?

Don’t check my browser history
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