Before I get to what I’d originally set out to blog about today — my thoughts to everyone who has been in Hurricane Sandy’s path. The outlying arm of Sandy reached my area last night but it was more gale-force winds than rain. One woman died in Toronto when she was hit by flying debris, and there were reports of downed trees, and power outages, but we’re good.One of my mom’s fences got knocked down (she lives about 15 miles from me) but that’s the extent of the damage around here. We’d trimmed back the tree branches that might hit the house on the weekend, and picked up from the front and back yards that might get picked up by the winds.  We got lucky. But let me know if you’re okay, okay?

Now on to regular reading stuff (yes, I know, I’m a writer, I should be able to come up with a better word than stuff.)

My street team leaders have been busy again — realizing that lots of people don’t use Goodreads where they’ve set up a group specifically to discuss my books, they’ve also set up a Leah’s Lounge page on Facebook where you can talk about my books or ask questions or connect with each other. So if you’re on Facebook, feel free to leave notes or questions there, talk about what else you’re reading, leave man candy pictures (please, I love chest and abs, but let’s not get too graphic and show completely full frontal nudity of the guys. I know of a private group on FB for that type of thing.) I’ll pop over occasionally but it’s for you, the readers, so its success depends completely on you. (How’s that for pressure?)

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