Yesterday I changed up my snippet so you had to vote for the couple and the book you thought it came from.

Everyone guessed Mark and Jodi. Huzzah!

You had a little more problem guessing which book it was from. It was a little trickier.

3 of you guessed it came from Private Property.  Sorry, nope.

1 of you guessed it was from Deliberate Deceptions.  Nope.

2 of you guessed it was from First Night. Yup.

Not that it was a contest, or there was a prize. (That would have violated some state laws, darn it all.)

If you haven’t read First Night yet, you can read it right here on this webpage, or you can download it to read later.

Oh, and I’m considering uploading it to Smashwords so it can be easily found on Amazon, and B&N etc.  What do you think?





Poll results from yesterday’s Snippet — did you get it right?
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