Liz Flaherty over on Heroes and Heartbreakers just reviewed some of the holiday stories written by those of us participating in the 12 Days of Christmas contest (don’t forget that’s still going on over at USA Today’s Happy Ever After blog.  I really liked how she wrote the reviews and appended a little “Bonus Points” note at the bottom of each book’s review.  She made me smile with the note at the bottom of I NEED YOU FOR CHRISTMAS’s review:

Perfect for reading out loud to the Christmas elf you are trying to seduce:

Leah Braemel
I Need You for Christmas
Carina Press

He’s a sculptor, she’s a Canadian Mountie. (You don’t get that combo too often.) Do you want a gentleman on the street and freak in the bed? Interesting twist wherein the heroine has the power job and the artist hero has the more beta profile—on the surface, anyway. It’s always kind of hilarious when you get a review copy of a book in electronic form and are without the sort of context a cover and back copy blurb provide. I figured, oh, Canadian Mountie…that sounds pleasant.  How hot can this be? Shows you how much I know about Canadian Mounties. (Not to mention, so many possible puns, so little time…) This book starts off with a serious bang between two people who already seem to be aware they are in love. If you want to skip the early stages of a relationshp arc and get right to the, um, meat, this book is for you.

Bonus points for: funky Canadian lingo

Thanks, Liz — you made me chuckle, something I always appreciate!

Thoughts of a Scot reviewed the entire anthology:

If you want a nice relationship building story with some very hot sex thrown in there – read this anthology. If you want sex, sex, sex – read this anthology, ‘cos there’s definitely plenty of it and it’s all awesome!

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Early Reviews for I Need You for Christmas