If you’ve ever wanted a peek into what inspires an author when s/he’s writing a story, Pinterest is one good way to see into my mind.  While I was writing I Need You for Christmas, I researched metal sculptors and mills and started this board.

But because I NEED YOU FOR CHRISTMAS takes place fairly close to me, earlier this year Gizmo Guy and I drove up to the Haliburton Highlands and took pictures so I could show you the area. (I’ll share some of those pictures tomorrow.) Today I want to give you a peek into some of the inspiration for Porter’s Mill.

The main one is the Tyrone Mill — built in 1846. I first visited back when we moved into the area in the mid-sixties. It really hasn’t changed a lot since then. There is a beautiful big apple orchard near it where Gizmo Guy and I would take our sons apple picking and then we’d drive the half mile up the road to the Mill for apple cider and donuts.

(Yes, their doughnuts ARE delicious!)

There is another picture in the gallery below that is of a mill that’s right by the Lang Pioneer Village in Peterborough. Neither are exactly how I envision Porter’s Mill. When I was trying to describe it, I was thinking of a smaller version of this mill in Quebec. And of course Ryan’s loft apartment above was more like the photos I’ve pinned to the Pinterest board, than the actual upstairs rooms in the Tyrone Mill. (Where the floors are rough wood and creak and made me nervous to walk on them.) That’s the beauty of being a writer. I can take an idea and make it better. 😉

Here’s the real upstairs of the Tyrone Mill, which looks nothing like I envision Ryan’s loft.

The mill pond

part of the store inside Tyrone Mill (see the miniature train partway up the wall?)

The grist mill (grinding stone) that grinds the wheat into flour

Another mill — this one by the Lang Pioneer Village in Peterborough, Ontario

Behind the scenes of Porter’s Mill
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  • December 4, 2012 at 3:35 pm

    Loved your pinterest inspiration file. I was hoping we’d get to see the pictures of this mill. Congratulations on your release day!!

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