I’ve got some — and some can even save you some money. 😉

  • as I mentioned on yesterday’s post, Texas Tangle is on special for 40% off at Carina Press, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. It’s part of a promotion for some of Carina’s erotic menages. If you already own it, you could always give it as a gift to a friend. You should also check out Christine d’Abo’s Calling the Shots, and Samantha Ann King’s Sharing Hailey — their books are also on sale as part of this promotion. (And check out their other books too!)
  • My street team leaders have been busy working on a store over on CafePress featuring some really fun items. There are thongs and what my team call “spanky panties”, key chains, buttons, coffee mugs, pajamas, t-shirts, etc. The pictures below are just a sample of what is available. So if you’re like some of my street team members, and want to lay claim to your favorite character, you can always put one of these items on your Christmas list. (There are many more on the Leah Braemel CafePress store.

  • As you may have seen around 😉 my Christmas novella I Need You for Christmas is now available, both as part of the Red Hot Holiday anthology and as a standalone novella. Since December is traditionally a difficult month for me, I prefer to read light stories at this time of year. Stories that make me smile and take away a lot of the angst and turmoil that the season brings out. I figured my readers would like that too. So when your relatives are driving you nuts, or the stresses of the season start getting to you, head to the bedroom, shut the bedroom door, and curl up with I Need You for Christmas. It’s a present you can give yourself. 😀
  • If you’re Canadian and an Amazon Kindle owner, you’ve had to buy your Kindle books through Amazon.com. Not any more. Amazon.ca has just added a Kindle section of their own. I’m guessing the book prices are tied into the Canadian dollar exchange since the price of my books are currently lower on the Canadian site than they are on the American. Only by a few pennies but it all counts, right?  (I’ll be adding the Canadian link to my various book pages in the next few days.)  So if you’ve been holding off on a purchase, you can now buy it through Amazon Canada. And while you’re perusing the selection, you may notice that your reviews have been brought over from the .com site, but none of the tags have been. Since tags and likes are factored into Amazon’s algorithms when promoting books, while you’re scouting around for books, take a moment and tag or like your favorite reads. (not just my books but your favorite authors.)

Need an idea for a Christmas present?
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