Cs Inukshuk

I really need to give a huge shout out to my friend Angela Scappatura who spent some time up in Nunavut a few years back. It was her posts on her Stilettos on the Tundra blog that inspired me to write a character who had been living up there.  Seeing the pictures of the stark beauty, of the northern lights, and the prices of every day items like toilet paper ($26!!!) stayed with me. Angela’s photography of the area is amazing.

This shot of a bird sculpture made me think that Ryan, had they ended up moving up to Nunavut, would have done fine with his art. Yes, it would have cost him a lot to ship all his equipment north, but I also think he might have ended up recycling metal scraps the way this German firm does.  Click on their “galleries” link — I definitely can see Ryan making dragons like theirs. I’ve stolen one from their Facebook page — I’m hoping they won’t mind me using it. (to give them a plug, for price and shipment, email them at info@recycleart.ch )

recycledart dragon

And speaking about artists and sculptures, my parents (and I) used to live on the same road as a very famous Canadian artist — Bill Lishman.  You might know him as Father Goose — the inspiration of the main character in “Fly Away Home.” While the movie was filmed a couple hours south of the Highlands, it still gives you a good idea of the land.

In addition to training geese to follow an ultra-light plane, (he’s working on imprinting Sand Cranes at the moment) Bill, like the character, is a sculptor. Take a look at his website and some of his wonderful sculptures that are sold around the world. (And take a look at his underground architecture and his “underground house” with its hobbitt-like doors.)  His son Geordie is following in his father’s footsteps — I love his sculptures too.

In the meantime, I’ll have to settle for my tiny little shelf-sitting dragon…

More Inspiration: Stilettos, Recycled Art, and Father Goose