Not a sexy-times snippet this morning, it’s more of a PSA, reminding everyone to take it easy when they’re travelling this holiday season. Stay safe everyone.

[A]n hour north of Lake Ontario, the temperatures dropped; sleet mixed with snow and ice pellets lashed the windshield. Something the weathermen had failed to predict. With a mental sigh of regret, he redirected the heater vent from his chest to the side window. As much as he appreciated Megan’s sexy fragrance blasted at him, the last thing he needed right now was a hardon to distract him for the next two hours.

As they approach the turnoff to the highway leading to Porter’s Mills, every tree his headlights swept glimmered as if it’d been dipped in glass. The road was little better. Ryan flipped his signal light on and geared down in preparation for the turn. He forced his hands to stay loose on the wheel and touched the brakes, both to test the 4×4’s gripping power and to warn the driver in the car behind him. The truck slowed without skidding and he released his breath until he looked in the rearview mirror. The car trailing him showed no signs of slowing as it barreled toward him.

“Hang on.” Sweat beaded on his forehead as he clutched the steering wheel with one hand to aim the Jeep so any impact wouldn’t push him straight into the path of oncoming traffic, and threw the other arm across Megan’s chest, bracing for the inevitable crash.

The Jeep lurched forward a second later and Ryan’s seat belt bit into his chest. Something shattered—the car’s headlight or the Jeep’s taillight, he couldn’t tell which. Metal screeched as the car scraped along the Jeep’s bumper then bounced off to careen into the ditch. His winter tires and four-wheel-drive suspension couldn’t compete with the icy surface and he didn’t dare touch his brakes. Nothing he did with the steering wheel affected their motion and the Jeep pitched around in a slow spin matching the flips of his bowels.

The tires caught the gravel; Ryan tightened his hold both on the steering wheel and Megan. They bounced off the guardrail, metal grinding on metal as the Jeep fought the momentum that could tip them over the thin wire into the twenty-foot ravine on that side. Just when Ryan was certain they’d lost the battle, the Jeep straightened and stopped facing the direction they’d just come.

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Snippet Saturday: Baby It’s Cold Outside

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