Because Private Deceptions is coming out in print on New Year’s Day, I asked Kendra Egert (the artist who designed the beautiful cover) to design a Private Deceptions bookmark for me.

She’s done a wonderful job and now my street team leader has a stash of them she can’t wait to send out. So if you would like a bookmark, send a self-addressed stamped (long — a commercial #10) envelope to my US post office box and Tabatha will pop them back in the mail to you.

If you’d like to hand them out to friends and need more than one, just let my team leaders know how many you need, and if you want bookmarks and postcards, you’ll need to send a bigger envelope (one that can hold an 8 inch long bookmark along with 4″x6″ postcards) — don’t forget to use three stamps — and send it to:

Leah Braemel
P.O. Box 1431
Sulphur Springs, TX 75483

(If you’re not in the States, you can still send an envelope to that address, just don’t bother with the stamps.)

Private_Deceptions_BACK_WEB_comp Private_Deceptions_front_WEB_comp

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