Character. It’s not one particular trait you should usually be able to point to in someone, even a fictional someone. But I have always loved this scene because both these characters share a similar character. They love the chase…and the capture. 😉

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[H]e found her pounding hell bent for leather down the path.


DeliberateDeceptions200x300She glanced over her shoulder but kept running. “Leave me alone right now, Chad. I’m not very good company.”

His step hesitated as he almost did turn around. No, if someone was trying to discredit Hauberk through her, he owed it to Sam—and Troy—to find out just what the hell was going on.

“Lauren, slow down, damn it.”

She didn’t.

He sprinted, thinking he was fresher and could take advantage of her exhaustion.

Considering she’d probably run close to five kilometers already, it still took a concerted effort to catch up. “You’re worn out and if you keep this up, you’re going to trip over a root and twist your ankle.” Not to mention he needed to talk to her face-to-face instead of to her ass, as nice a view as that was.

With a huff of exasperation, most likely more at herself than at him, Lauren slowed down and a few hundred yards up stopped entirely. Breathing hard, she braced her hands on her knees.

“Just leave me alone for a while. Please.”

“That’s not what you were begging me to do last night. Or have you forgotten how you got on your knees and sucked my dick?” Fuck. That was a stupid

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Before he could finish the thought, Lauren did a neat sweep with her foot he wasn’t expecting and he found himself flat on his back, the breath driven from him. He rolled to a stand and watched her disappear down the trail.

So she wanted to play it that way, did she? Game on.

They ran half the trail dodging and evading each other’s attacks. At some point, he couldn’t figure out when, his anger morphed to arousal. He found himself admiring that she’d run more than twice as far as he had yet showed no signs of tiring; he also found himself admiring the swing of her hips as she ran in front of him, the bounce of her breasts when they wrestled. Until they reached the steep hill and she stumbled over a protruding root as he’d predicted would happen. Launching himself at her, Chad trapped her by using his full weight on top of her.

She fought him for a moment, attempting to buck him off, then relaxed. Chuckling, she reached up and skimmed a finger down his jaw. “You still get turned on by the chase, don’t you?”

Considering the erection jabbing into her belly he could hardly deny it.

“Never could understand guys who liked submissive women.”

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Snippet Saturday – Character

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