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Since the main bookstore in Canada doesn’t stock any Samhain title on its bookshelves, I’m having to live vicariously through photos my readers send me of my books on bookshelves in their localities.

This beauty was spotted prowling the shelves of the Barnes and Noble in Arlington Texas.  It was one of several running wild.  It’s fitting since the original idea for the first story in that book was spawned on the shores of Lake Arlington.  (Thanks to Slick Reads from Guilty Pleasures who snapped this pic and sent it to me.)

There are apparently also copies to be found in Tyler, TX and Frisco, TX, as well as in the Books-a-Million in Monroe, LA too. And other bookstores across the States.

If you see any more of these lovely creatures running around at your local bookstore, take a picture and send it to me at leah AT leahbraemel DOT com will you?  Or post it on FB or @ reply me ( @leahbraemel ) on Twitter. Thanks!


Oh, and don’t forget, you can send a self-addressed stamped #10 business envelope to my post office box if you want some bookmarks to go along with your copy. 😀  The address is to send it to is:

Leah Braemel
P.O. Box 1431
Sulphur Springs, TX 75483



Spotted in the Wilds of Arlington Texas

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    Glad to help out and make your day Leah!

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