Snippet-Saturday-cardHere’s a teaser of my contribution to Northern Heat: Best Canadian Erotic Romance Stories that’s coming out on Valentine’s Day from Quarry Press.

The characters are Haley and Max, a married couple who attended a wedding of one of Max’s friends at a resort in central Ontario. Now they’re back in their suite, Max is revealing a very special surprise he’s planned for his wife.


Copyright © 2013 Leah Braemel

[I] love you, Haley.” The fierceness in his voice staggered her, humbled her.

“I love you too, Max.” She wrapped her arms around his waist. When he did the same, she leaned against him. “Now, what’s this surprise you promised me?”

His gaze flickered away for a second, then returned, the whiskey brown of his eyes serious. “Do you remember the Truth or Dare game we played at the Jack and Jill shower for Greg and whatserface?”

Northern_Heat_comp“Of course I do.” She’d stared right at him when one of Tracey’s bridesmaids’ friends had challenged her to confess her number one sexual fantasy would be to make love to Max and another man at the same time, though she’d specifically stated she wanted to be blindfolded so she would never know the identity of the second man.

While their friends had hooted around him, Max had briefly raised his eyebrows but other than that his expression had given nothing away. Nor had he seemed embarrassed or concerned when she’d questioned him later. Had he changed his mind?

“Wait here.” Max disappeared into the bedroom. When he returned, he tossed something black toward her.

She snatched it handily from the air, and ran the silky fabric through her fingers. “This is the scarf I wore the night we met.”

“Tonight it’ll be your blindfold.”

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