How about a little more Ryan and Meg — I love how much they are in love with each other, about the need they have to touch each other when Meg first arrives back at Pearson Airport (that’s Toronto’s international airport) after months of separation.

Ryan lifted the strap of her duffel from her shoulder and hoisted it over his own. “Pack much? What did you do? Bring everything you owned?”

I Need You For Christmas, erotic romance, holiday romance, contemporary erotic romance, mountie, artist“What? Is it too heavy for you, big guy?” She hid her grin. Wait until he learned she’d done exactly that.

Despite her protests, he wheeled her suitcase behind them down the long concourse toward the ramp to the parking garage. They chatted about the weather, the flight, all the usual humdrum stuff, but an electricity hummed between them, the little zing deep in her soul that tingled whenever he was near.

Once they were on the third level, Ryan pulled out his keys and pressed the remote. The lights on his black 4×4 pickup halfway down the garage flashed.

He opened the hatch and tossed her duffel and suitcase into the back then unlocked her door. Before she could climb in, he crowded her against the frame and cradled her face between his palms. “God, I’ve missed you, Meggie.”

He captured her mouth with his. Lips, soft and full, brushed hers. The kiss started out soft and gentle, but quickly changed as heat blossomed between them. He might smell of roses and sweetness on the outside but as his tongue slipped over hers, his wicked hot spice mixed with strength burst on her taste buds.

“This is not just another erotic hot Christmas story, but much much more…A must read…”  ~Jeriha, Coffee Time Romance

Meg tangled her hands in his long hair, leaving him no room for doubt she’d missed him too. Time slowed, the desire they’d had for each other—forced dormant from their extended separation—strengthened between them like a living thing. When the hard length of his cock jutted into her belly, she wrapped her legs around his waist, tempted to let him take her right there, damn any spectators. As she slid her hands between them, tent on reaching his fly, he pulled away and rested his forehead on her hair.

“It’s too public here.” He lifted his chin and used it to point to the closed-circuit camera in the corner. “Last thing we need is for a video of us making out to show up on the local news with the headlines that a Mountie got caught with her pants down around her ankles.”

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