Yup, I’m working on a deadline and I’m really aware that it’s fast approaching. (Seriously, is there some dial that gives editors the ability to make clocks work faster? Because I need it cranked to ultra-slow.)

So while I’m hiding away in my cave (wondering why I am not renting a hotel room to get away from all the real life distraction so I can finish this manuscript — oh yeah, I can’t afford it) here’s a peek at some of the pretty sights around me. When I manage to lift up my head and look around, that is.

First off the view when I got up this morning — it’s prettier than Christmas Day.


I took this pre-dawn this morning. The reddish light behind the trees is really just the street lamps behind our house, but don’t they cast a fiery glow that looks really pretty? (sorry about the grainy quality but it was my phone’s camera and dark…)

Here’s what it looks like now the sun is up — not that we can see it.


The world around here is so monochrome at this time of year. Everyone’s getting antsy for the snow to melt and spring to arrive. But we’re at the last day of February, so not much longer to go now.

Last night I took my laptop downstairs so Gizmo Guy wouldn’t feel like I was abandoning him completely, plus I was jonesing for some company. Normally Turtle takes over my lap, but since it was occupied by my laptop, he grudgingly moved to curl up on my thighs. Well, as the night wore on, he stretched out. Then he stretched out some more…until he ended up in this position. And he was there for a long time, so he must have been comfortable. He eventually moved but only because Seamus started licking Turtle’s toes. 😉

lounging around

And just because they look so good on my shelf, here’s a very pretty sight in my office these days…


All my print books. For those wondering, Tangled Past has not been released in print but I entered it in the Romance Writers of America RITA contest last year and since the RWA doesn’t accept digital entries, Carina Press very graciously prints just enough for the contest judges along with a handful more for the authors. Sharp-eyed readers might notice there’s one title missing — Texas Tangle, which has been a digital-only release too, but I didn’t enter it into the RITAs that year, not even thinking that it would give me a chance to have it in print, even in a limited quantity. Aren’t they pretty?

Oh, and because I shared the photo on Facebook and someone asked if I also write under the name of Opal Carew (I WISH!), Opal edited Northern Heat, and I’m one of the contributing authors. (the complete list is on the back of the book.) back of NH small

Busy writing, so here are pretty pictures
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