Last week was about the heroine seeing the hero for the first time. So naturally, this week is about the hero’s first glimpse of the heroine. With the exception of Tangled Past, all my heroes have known their heroines for a while, so…how about the first time the hero has seen the heroine in over ten years?

[W]hen the Humvee pulled into the garage, he got his first good look at her in the light. There were a few more lines on her face than there had been, no surprise, though fewer than on his. Her hair was longer than it had been last time he’d seen her. Damn it, why was he so turned on by the thought of threading his fingers through her hair, holding her in place while she…Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Focus on the mission, not on her sucking your dick, you fucking idiot!

So much for maintaining any sort of balance. Thank God Troy had said he’d hang around a few days.

Chad led her through the kitchen, introducing her to the couple who took care of the place throughout the year. He’d been here before, for visits and training exercises, so he stood back and watched her. Despite the circles under her eyes, she took the time to greet each of the agents who would be guarding her.

…a fabulous love story~ Scorching Book Reviews

Damn, she looked sexy in that totally oblivious I’m-all-business manner. No one else knew the body hidden beneath that demure white cotton blouse and navy blue slacks. No one else knew the passion and the heat waiting to be released when Lauren let go of her inhibitions. No one else here would know, he corrected himself.

As he stood back waiting, he caught Walters slanting him a glance from time to time. Did Andy know Lauren was his ex-wife and now wondered why he hadn’t removed himself as lead op? Some great example he was setting to his agents, wasn’t he?

Or was Andy attracted to her and wondered if Chad might be jealous if he put a move on her? The little green-eyed monster he thought he’d conquered long ago flared into a dragon that filled the room.

Nominated as Best Contemporary Romance by The Romance Studio reviewersAfter shooting Andy a narrow glance, Chad grasped Lauren’s elbow. “You must be tired. Let me show you your room.”

The second he touched her again his whole body reacted as if he’d grabbed a thousand-volt electrical wire—the same sensation he’d had that first night he’d escorted her at the bar. The same way it had each time he’d touched her every day they were married.

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Snippet Saturday: The First Time Ever He Saw Her Face