How about something a little different today? A sneak peek into Unashamed, the short story I contributed to Northern Heat: Best Canadian Erotic Romance Stories.

A game of truth or dare results in a weekend of fantasy fulfillment for a woman who asks her husband for a single night where she can be the object of attention between him and another man. A man she’d never see, never hear, but would give her a night of pleasure never to be forgotten.

part of Northern Heat: Best Canadian Erotic Romance Stories
Copyright © 2013 by Leah Braemel

[S]o what do you say, Haley?” He leaned one hip against the dresser, a study in casualness though he wondered if she sensed his tension. If things went wrong tonight, he could lose her. Forever. “It’s your choice.”

She met his gaze with a strength and confidence. And excitement. “Yes.”

He sent the single word text message to Noah, then held up the scarf. “Time to put this on, babe.”

His cock was hard as a rock by the time he’d finished tying the knot. Haley was aroused, too, from the musky scent already perfuming the air. He stroked the side of her neck, her pulse racing beneath his fingertips. Her trust that he’d chosen a suitable partner for the night, that he would share her, was staggering.

Her lipstick was smudged from where he’d kissed her earlier, but he didn’t care. There was still enough that she’d leave traces of crimson on his dick, and Noah’s, by night’s end.

Northern_Heat_compNoah might think he’d planned to use the same color scarf as her bra and panties, but he’d had no idea what she was planning to wear. Neither had she. Since the wedding had been held outside and the weathermen were undecided about the weather, Haley had brought three different dresses and twice as many sets of undergarments to suit each prediction.

The dark fabric accentuated the creaminess of her skin, the cinnamon nipples peeking over the lace edge of the cups. He skimmed a hand down her belly, drawing a soft exhalation of surprise. “Relax, babe. It’s just me.”

“I know.” The shoulders she’d drawn up lowered. “What am I supposed to call this other guy? Are you going to tell me his name?”

“You’re not going to be talking to him, so it’s not an issue.” Noah wasn’t going to talk to Haley either. Because if they met later, she might recognize Noah’s voice. Depending on how tonight went, that could be all kinds of awkward. That she’d not met Noah before tonight spoke to both his and Noah’s hectic schedules. Okay, mainly Noah’s whose job took him to the Brookes family’s businesses all over the world. He’d only just returned to Canada after learning the ropes managing a resort his family had bought in the Virgin Islands. Brookes Valley Resort was the newest gem in their crown.

The front door opened and Noah silently walked into the living room. The white terry of the resort’s robe accentuated the deep tan that persisted even though he’d been back from the Virgin Islands for almost four months.

Meeting Noah’s gaze, Max collared Haley’s neck with his hand, gratified and relieved when she trusted him enough to lean into his palm. He leaned down to whisper in her ear, “I love you, Haley. I always will. Don’t ever doubt it.”

He kissed her again, tasting the wine she’d sipped, the dark chocolate and cherries from the dessert she’d chosen. Soon she’d taste of him too, or maybe Noah, depending on how the night played out.

Haley lifted her face as if seeking him. “Because I had this fantasy doesn’t mean I don’t love you.”

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