Yup, it’s finally gotten warm up here in Canada. A couple weeks ago it was snowing, and now we have the air conditioner on and are complaining about the unbearable humidity. Which reminded me of this scene in Texas Tangle…

Texas Tangle
Copyright © 2010 by Leah Braemel

Dillon positioned the chainsaw in the shade of the barn, where he could watch Nikki working one of her colts. She moved with a grace, yet handled the long line with a confidence borne over years of handling her precious Blues. No one else would know the smile she shot him was a hint of the sensual being she kept carefully hidden from others. She lifted her hand in a wave before returning her focus to the colt.

Just last night, he’d been the focus of her attention on the porch swing. Man, that had been a sweet evening. Lying with her on top of him as the sun set, the breeze keeping them both cool.

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She’d had her hands all over him. And he’d returned the favor, discovering all her ticklish spots. It had been good to see her laughing. To feel her throaty moan reverberating through his chest when he’d gone down on her.

Even now the fruity scent of her shampoo filled his head, and the skin on his chest tingled everywhere she’d touched. A hint of her strawberry-flavored lip gloss lingered on his tongue from when she’d kissed him earlier.

She called an instruction to the pony, her voice strong and confident. Different from the soft, breathless pleas she’d whispered when he’d woken her that morning. The juxtaposition of strength and softness fascinated him.

“You gonna work on that chainsaw, or you planning on oglin’ me all morning?”

He laughed. “I plan on doin’ both, darlin’. You sure are a prettier sight than the inside of my workshed.”

She stuck her tongue out at him before clicking to the colt, wheeling him in the opposite direction.

Dillon dropped to his knees and rummaged through his toolbox, searching for a screwdriver. As he unscrewed the saw’s air filter housing, his father’s old Ford pulled into the yard.

His father resettled his Stetson and joined Dillon in the shade. “Hot one today.”

“Yup. Gonna reach one hundred again.” Had probably reached it already. Which made him worry about Nikki working out in the sun.

“Your mom was disappointed you missed Sunday dinner.” His dad hunkered down and poked through his toolbox. “You know how important it is to your momma to have her family together at least once a week. Especially with Griff working up north and Ethan away at college.”

“Sorry. We were over at Nikki’s place helping her clean up the mess Phil left, and I lost track of time.” He sat back on his heels watching her pull a water bottle from her pocket and take a long swig. Even from this distance, he could see the long, smooth column of her throat move as she swallowed. He released a breath as he remembered touching it when she’d gone down on him in the shower. Damned if he didn’t get hard just at the memory.

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