How about a little heart-to-heart between Dillon and Nikki from Texas Tangle? Dillon means well, even if his heart acts separate from his head. Either one of them.

Home. That’s what it was. This wasn’t just a house anymore, a place he came to sleep. This was his home, the way he’d dreamed it would become. Having Nikki here made the difference.

erotic romance, western, contemporary romance, polyamorous romance, menage“So I’ve been thinking.” She turned to face him, resting one hip against the table. “Since Brett doesn’t figure they’ll ever recover any of my stuff, I should probably start shopping for a new bed, that type of thing. Start replacing everything I’ve lost.”

The image of her greeting him every day shattered into a thousand shards as if she’d taken a sledgehammer to it.

“What?” He swallowed, hoping she hadn’t noticed how his voice had gone up a full octave until he sounded like his youngest brother Matt before his voice broke last summer. “What’s wrong with our bed?”

“There’s nothing wrong with your bed, Dillon. But it’s time for me to move back to my place. To have my own bed again.”

No fucking way was she moving out now. Didn’t she realize how right they were together? He stared at her as she placed the plate she’d heated on the table. “You can stay here. As long as you want.”

“What are you asking me, Dillon? What are you saying?”

“I’m saying I want you to stay here. With me. Forever. Marry me, Nikki.” What the fuck? Where the fucking hell had that come from? Yet as a part of his brain sat back and examined the idea, marriage to Nikki felt right. Yeah.

…wickedly addictive and an emotionally stimulating love story.~  Book Junkie

Marriage. The two of them together. Waking up to her beside him. Going to bed with her too. Talking in the evenings. Doing things together. How come he hadn’t seen it before?

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