Wow, No Accounting for Cowboys comes out in just 2 days! So here’s another snippet from Paige’s POV this time…

No Accounting for Cowboys

NAFC_119x185He bent down and nuzzled her neck. “I’ll tell Momma to expect you.”

Was he sniffing her? “What are you doing?”

“Yesterday you smelled citrusy— like oranges or something. Today you smell…” he sniffed again, “…spicy. Ginger?”

“Cinnamon.” Come on body, you have bones in you, stop melting. “Yesterday was an orange and patchouli blend. Are you scent sensitive or something?” No, otherwise he wouldn’t have put on whatever that delicious shaving lotion, would he? Unless he bit the bullet to impress her.

He pulled away, revealing the mischievous look lighting his eyes. “Most women I know tend to stick with the same scent.”

No other man she’d dated had ever noticed she changed scents like most women changed shoes. A warm thrill trickled through her that he’d noticed. “I like to keep things interesting.”

When she realized she was leaning closer to him, close enough to encourage him to kiss her, she drew back and pointed to the list. “Now get back to work.”

He picked up the pen and bent over the list, grumbling, “Anyone ever tell you you’re a taskmaster?”

“Keep it up and I’ll break out my ruler.” Oh man, did that bring out some interesting fantasies.

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Snippet Saturday — making scents