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Recommended Reada sexy read that sizzled off the pages…well penned with twists and turns that added intrigue to a strong cast of characters. There’s family, love, hope, endings, and new beginnings, everything that will have anyone with a romantic heart cheering in the end. ~ Lace, BlackRaven’s Reviews

Jake Grady loves Bull’s Hollow ranch and all the challenges and hard work it entails. But the past year hasn’t been easy—his father’s good name has been tarnished, and new financial problems are threatening to destroy everything the Gradys have built. Performing live under a stage name has become his escape, a way of blowing off some serious steam.

Accountant Paige Reynolds found Jake’s guitar-playing alter ego intriguing, but her connection with the real Jake sends her attraction into overdrive. When she’s summoned to make order out of the chaotic paper trail at Bull’s Hollow, he sets her world a-rocking—both in bed and out. But Paige has a plan; she’s determined to create her own path for the future, but is soon left scrambling for firmer ground.

Good news about Jake’s potential singing career is followed by the revelation of another family secret, one that has him questioning whether he belongs at Bull’s Hollow at all. But leaving the ranch would mean leaving his family…and Paige. How much is he willing to give up for a real shot at fame?

Want a sneak peek?

Uncomfortable with everyone at the surrounding tables watching him, Jake Grady slid around the curve of the seat and deeper into the shadows. Damn Cam and his machinations for not telling him they were here to sing, not just to have dinner. Especially since he knew Jake didn’t like singing this close to home. All he needed was for one of the damned videos to end up on YouTube. Or worse, on someone’s Facebook page. Around here there were too many who might be friends of friends whose photos might end up on his brothers’ timeline.

The new position let him see more of Paige that had previously been hidden by the table. His gaze skimmed down her appreciatively. She wasn’t the type he normally went for, not that he had a type. From her thick, black hair with candy-floss pink tips draped over her shoulders to the tiny diamond nose stud that he’d not been able to see from a distance. Her black shirt accentuated her luscious curves. He had no doubt her leather pants would hug a fantastic ass.

Serious brown eyes, the color of an aged cognac, met his. “Like what you see?”

“Yup.” He hooked his elbows over the back of the seat and stretched out. “Do I meet with your approval?”

Her gaze skimmed down him, leaving a trail of “I wish it was your fingers touchin’ me darlin’” thoughts on Jake’s skin. Amusement twinkled in bright sparks against the warm brown velvet of her eyes.

She cupped her hands beneath her chin, staring at him over them. A tattoo on her wrist—an ornate skeleton key with some writing beneath it—peeked out from beneath a thick leather bracelet. “The outside package is nice, but I prefer to get to know a person before I make any judgments.”

“And what would a guy have to do to make you want to get to know him better? I’m guessing buying you a nice dinner and plying you with compliments might set off your bullshit meter?”

She laughed, a lighter sound than he’d expected, though it didn’t last near long enough. “Busted. I’ve gotta give you credit, Jake, you hardly even looked at that waitress. Most guys wouldn’t have noticed me with her around.”

“Then you’ve been hanging out with the wrong type of guy.” Their loss.

By the way, while the books are in the same world, you can read the stories independently. They each contain a different couple with their own Happy-Ever-After at the end of the book.

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