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“I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to be more than just friends with you, Zac.”

“I want you to be absolutely sure about this, Tabby.” He stepped back from her, as if he realized he might be crowding her. “Now’s your last chance to say no.”

“Stop this.” She pressed a finger against his lips. “You’ve always been the Barnett Springs Champion Overthinker. And yes, I’m absolutely sure about this. I’d rather find out for sure if it won’t work than wait for you the rest of my life, wondering what might have been.”

She met his gaze, allowing him to search her eyes, but lost herself in the sapphire blue of his. What would his face look like when she took his cock in her mouth? As he pressed himself inside her? When he came?

Maybe her fantasies showed in her eyes and convinced him she was serious because he stepped back with a single nod. “All right. I’ll pick you up here on Saturday. Say, around six?”

“Wait a minute. Do you really think you can just show up and drop that type of bombshell and then walk away and leave me hanging? Not a chance, bud.” She tugged on his collar and stepped backward, leading him to the back of the diner. After pausing to flip off the remaining lights, she resumed their trek toward the rear exit. Well, she’d intended to. They’d made it as far as her office when Zac banded her wrists with one hand, dragged them above her head and pressed her against the wall with his body. With her trapped, he captured her mouth.

Even her most erotic fantasy hadn’t prepared her for his kiss.


Note:  The Five Alarm Alpha bundle was loaded onto iTunes, and it was up for sale until yesterday morning, when it inexplicably disappeared. We are working on getting it back up for sale…

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