I’ve been whining for a while about how Facebook™ encourages authors to have pages by limiting us to 5,000 friends on our profiles. So we created pages and worked hard to get people to “Like” our page. But then they switched things up when they went public and we started noticing that they were showing our posts to less and less people. (I have almost 2200 Likes on my page yet on average any post on any given day is seen by less than 100 people, sometimes as few as 30.) Well, now they’re coming clean and saying basically they don’t want to show any post that might be considered promotion (in other words, anything with a link, which probably means even a link to my blog) — that if we want our posts to be seen, we have to pay them for visibility.

thumbs-downNow if they were charging a yearly fee for page ownership, I might be interested, as long as they guaranteed that everyone who liked my page actually saw my post. But to have to pay for every single post to be seen? It’s counter-productive, and far too expensive for this author.

My street team leaders set up a community page (Leah’s Lounge) as a work-around but it’s tough to see posts by non-admins and there wasn’t a lot of the interaction that I’d hoped to have with my readers.

thumbs-upSo I’ve created a Facebook Group. I’ll post snippets of what I’m working on, members can ask questions, or post eye candy pictures, or just chat! And of course there will be contests just for members only. It’s a closed group, so people can see who the members are, but not what they post. And since I get bothered by people adding me to groups without permission, I am not going to do that to my friends on Facebook. If you want to take part, you have to join up yourself–it’s easy, just click on the link above or ==> HERE . Either I or one of my moderators will approve your request and then you’re free to post away.  We will be posting rules — simple things like no trolling, no flaming, no naked men (sorry, but FB has already dinged me for a photo of a perfectly respectable man…which I’ve posted below so you can judge for yourself).  And we’ll try to limit how much promo there is so it’s not all spam, all the time. (Because I don’t like that in groups either!)

So if you’re on Facebook, come on over!  And if you’re not on Facebook, there’s also Leah’s Lounge over on Goodreads…you’re free to chat over there too. Please?

Oh and here’s a little exercise session for you (the one FB objected to…)

neck stretches

Trying something new
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  • November 17, 2014 at 6:16 pm

    Love it. Finally a great reason to stretch after a long stint of writing though I can see now it will be short stints between stretches. 😉

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