Since we are now to less than 3 weeks until Christmas, I figured it was time for some seasonal reading. I Need You for Christmas takes place in my own back yard, and mentions places I’ve been to, and describes some of the weather we encounter around this time of year. Which makes it one of my favorite books because it has so much of “me” in it.

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I Need You for Christmas

Copyright © 2012 Leah Braemel
Instead of leading her back to his loft as she’d expected, he headed to the far end and slid aside a panel she hadn’t noticed before. She followed him up the rough wood staircase, the wood creaking with each step. Shadows shifted and moved in the light of the single bare bulb swinging on a wire from the rafters high above. The walls of the stairwell ended at the floor above, opening into what must have once been a storage area when this had been used as the sawmill barn.

Moonlight streamed through the massive window at the far end and streaked across the floor, highlighting the rough planks on the floor, the wood still bearing the tool marks from when they’d first been hewn the century before. Many of the beams on the walls had drawings tacked to them, wood and clay carvings lay half-finished or abandoned along the sides, though a few perched on cross beams as if they’d gained or sought his approval. The parachute he’d used on his single jump billowed from the ceiling, a multicolored canopy over the mattress in the corner. A swing unlike any other she’d seen hung from the central beam, moving slightly as she walked past.

An easel commanded the best view over the pond, a dozen or more drawings lay scattered on the floor by its feet. A rounded plaster cast leaned against one wall—the cast Amy had said they’d had done of her belly that Ryan had volunteered to paint. Even though the design wasn’t finished, tears sprung to Meg’s eyes at the beauty of the twin babies staring back at her, their eyes large and filled with wonder.

If she’d thought his workshop below was his inner sanctum, she’d been wrong.

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Feeling like an intruder, she explored the room, examined the sketches, some done in pencil or ink, others in pastel. Almost all of them were of her. Usually of her asleep. In his bed or hers up north. “Are these done from memory or do you sketch them while I’m sleeping?”

“A bit of both.” He studied the pencil sketch closest to him, a profile. “I like looking at them on those nights you’re not beside me.” He stroked a finger down the cheek of the drawing as tenderly as if he’d been touching the real her. “You’re so relaxed, blissful. I keep trying to capture you, but I haven’t got it right yet.”

Oh God. Her chest ached not just from the love in his eyes, but the frustration in his voice. He walked back to the stairwell and turned off the light, leaving the moonlight as their only illumination.

“I need you, Meg.”

The rawness in his voice stirred her need to please him, to calm him. To tame the wildness stirring restlessly inside him.

“I’m yours.”

Order it from Carina Press ™ ~  All Romance eBooks, ~ ~ Amazon UK
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Snippet Saturday – Getting into the spirit

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  • December 6, 2014 at 6:29 pm

    Hey Leah ~~ thought I’d read all your books but I guess not since I’ve never read this one. However, that’s about to change. Just went to amazon and downloaded it. It will be next up for my reading list.
    MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY 2015 to you and your family.

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