With the way Facebook is manipulating what posts people can see, especially with the news they’re cracking down even more on page posts in a few weeks, many authors are searching for another way to connect with our readers, and each other.  Even when we boost our posts or our pages, more and more of us are having our ads denied for having too much text in our graphic (it’s limited to 20%), or for promoting health products, or having body parts on the graphic. (Facebook’s reasoning is really bizarre.) Plus frankly, I do not have the resources to start spending a lot of cash to make sure that people who have already said they want to see my posts actually see my posts.

One of the newest sites that looks promising is Tsu.co — it’s a combination of Facebook and Twitter from what I can see. I’m liking it so far — it has a nice clean feed without the 140 character limits.  (You can read more about Tsu here.)

I’ll keep my Facebook profile, and since it’s doubtful Facebook will ever show you posts from my page, you can keep track of what’s going on with me on the new Facebook reader group I’ve started, but if you’re over on Tsu, look me up. If you’re not on Tsu yet but want to join, go to my page and you’ll be able to sign up from there.  https://www.tsu.co/LeahBraemel

I’m there, how about Tsu?
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