Way back in 2008, before Private Property was released, I wrote a short story for Samhain as part of their holiday celebrations. They put it up on their site for a limited time, and after that I posted it here for readers to download.

For the past two years, my street team leader Tabatha has been poking and prodding at me to update it and make it available at all the various vendors for readers to find. I’ve been so buried in deadlines, I’ve put it off, but I finally reworked it and look what happened!


First-Night_vs2-400x600Was it the excitement of the New Year or stubborn pride that drove Jodi Tyler to challenge her boss? But when the clock strikes midnight, and the ball drops on Times Square, has Jodi Tyler won the bet or lost her heart?

FIRST NIGHT is being added to Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and iTunes. though it may take a few days to post at each site. I’ll add Buy Buttons on the First Night page, and post the links on the sidebar as it goes live at each vendor, but it is already available for sale through Amazon (it will be available at all Amazon stores)





I’ve doubled the length from the original version from 4K to 8K–approximately 26 pages. The newest version includes a short cameo by Sam (His voice anyway), and updated it a bit for new technology, and of course, let you know more about Jodi and Mark. In one of my beta reader’s words, “It has a more romantic feel…”  The original version had been edited by Angela James, but because of the additions I’ve hired a professional freelance editor to ensure you got a quality product. A huge shout out of thanks to Anya Richards of Grammargoggles.blogspot.ca, who edited it for me. And a big squishy hug to Tabatha Scott of Graphics by Tabatha who created the luscious cover!

It’s gradually populating through the various vendors even as I watch. (Unfortunately the blurb on Amazon got truncated for some strange reason, but it hasn’t affected the book — but the beauty of self publishing is I can edit the blurb easily, once Amazon allows me to in about 24 – 48 hours.) Because of the added length, and the costs for editing and formatting etc, I’ve decided to make it available for 99 cents.

Oh, and if you’re already a member of my Leah Braemel Reader’s group on Facebook, check for a message about First Night for members!

Welcoming in the New (and revisiting the old)