Pay It Forward Friday is my way of thanking authors who have done something that has helped me either personally or professionally in some way in the past years. Some I’ve only met online, some at conferences, and some have become long-term friends. Others may not even know what they did, or even who I am, but at some point they said or posted something that helped me or inspired me in some way.

They have no idea they are being featured here; I’ve secretly gone to their website and gathered their information. I hope you’ll look up their books and support them by buying a book (or a whole series) because they’re not only great authors but great people too!

I met Margaret Moore at the very first Toronto Romance Writers’ meeting I’d ever attended back in January 2007. (Wow, it’s been eight years already?) Every January the Toronto Romance Writers hold a “Romance 101” session inviting anyone who might be interested in writing romance to attend, whether you’re a member or not. I’ve mentioned it a few times here before and on other blogs but Margaret started off her talk with these very wise words:

Whenever a writer gets up in front of a group and says “I’m going to teach you how to …(fill in the blank)”, what you should also be hearing is “the way it works for me. It may or may not work for you.”

I’m paraphrasing but I think it’s fairly close to what she said that day. To me, who had met a few big name authors already, some of whom were not quite as positive, or very insistent about their way being the only way to write, Margaret came across as a humble and approachable author, one who had succeeded and one I should listen to. After the talk, I had the opportunity to talk with her for a few minutes (there was a line-up of people waiting for her time), she quickly convinced me that perhaps there was something worthwhile in pursuing a writing career.

Because of Margaret’s talk and the positive energy of all the ladies (and a few gentlemen) who attended the talk that day, I went home and promptly joined the Romance Writers of America and the Toronto Romance Writers. 18 months later I got an email from an editor offering me my first contract. Something I’d long dreamt about but never dreamed would happen that quickly. I’m pretty sure that would never have happened if it had not been for Margaret’s talk that day.

Award-winning author Margaret Moore actually began her career at the age of eight, when she and a friend concocted stories featuring a lovely, spirited damsel and a handsome, misunderstood thief nicknamed “The Red Sheik.”

MM1Color300Unknowingly pursuing her destiny, Margaret graduated with distinction from the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature. During that time, she also became a Leading Wren with the Royal Canadian Naval Reserve, where she learned to use a variety of weapons and had the weepy experience of being tear-gassed.

In addition to being a wife and mother of two, she’s also been an award-winning public speaker, synchronized swimmer, an archer, and studied fencing and ballroom dancing.

Margaret sold her first historical romance and the premiere book of her Warrior series, A WARRIOR’S HEART, to Harlequin Historicals® in 1991. Since that time, she’s written over 40 historical romance novels and novellas for Harlequin Historicals®, HQN Books and Avon Books, as well as a young adult historical romance for HarperCollins Childrens Books.

Her books have been published in France, Italy, Germany, Great Britain, Australia, Belgium, Switzerland, Brazil, Korea, Japan, Sweden, the Netherlands, Russia, Poland and India.

You can find out more about Margaret and her books on her website, or you can follow her on Twitter.

(Leah here: And no, you can’t have my autographed copy of A Warrior’s Heart. That’s mine!)

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Pay It Forward Friday – Margaret Moore
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