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Sometimes your soulmate has been right in front of you their whole life. It shouldn’t take almost losing them to find them.

Volunteer firefighter Zac Buchanan has been carrying a torch for Tabatha Morgan since…well, forever. A promise he made years ago backfired, sending Tabatha into the arms of another man, and him into a decade of heartache. Now Tabatha’s back in town, newly divorced, and the sparks between them are setting them both aflame.

Tabatha would have bet her secret five-alarm chili recipe that her school girl crush on Zac had died out long ago. Except those slumbering embers reignited the moment Zac walked into her diner. Now each time she sees him—hears him, thinks about him—she can’t imagine her life without him again.

But if their new-found love and sizzlin’ hot action in the bedroom—and living room, kitchen and bathroom—is to survive, Tabatha must also accept the smoke, flames and danger of Zac’s job. Or their happy-ever-after will forever be extinguished.







© 2014 Leah Braemel

He reached out and stroked her hair, stroking that spot on her neck beneath her ear that he knew she loved. As she had the night she’d fallen asleep with her head on his lap, her head canted against his hand, her hair brushing over his fingers like silk.

“Talk to me, kitten. Don’t shut me out.”

Tabatha lifted her gaze from the tiles, those beautiful, long, dark lashes sweeping up to once again frame gorgeous, warm brown eyes. If he fell back on his ass for the second time that night, it wasn’t because the shower had just spat a last gasp of cold water that had hit him in his spine and trickled down to his ass. Okay, it wasn’t just because of the fucking blast of ice water.

He fell because of the fierce strength in her eyes. There wasn’t a lick of fear or disgust in them.

She scrambled to help him sit up. A job she was getting far too much experience at. He must look like a fuckin’ idiot to her about now.

“I’m all right.”

She responded—he knew she did because her mouth moved. But damned if he heard a word. He’d been too entranced, concentrating on the plump bottom lip with its soft pink lipstick no longer being chewed. God, he wanted to kiss that mouth again. Feel it kissing back.


He shook his head. “What?” Wow, can you act any stupider, dumbass?

The edges of her mouth curled up, giving him hope he hadn’t totally fucked things up. “I didn’t think you were tracking. I said, make love to me. Do all those things you said you were going to do the other night.”

How the fuck had he missed that request?



Zac and Tabby are back in town! And on sale!
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