My street team leader Tabatha knew I was having a stressful day the other day, so she linked me to a video that she thought would make me laugh. In SLOW RIDE HOME, Allie and Ben meet on the porch of Ben’s house, and Allie’s clothes end up staying there while they head inside…later when Allie remembers where she’s left them … well, I’ll let the scene tell you why this video made me chuckle…



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Ben rolled onto his side and reached up to untie her wrists. Once she was free, he lowered her arms and massaged the tender skin to encourage the circulation to return. “You all right, darling?”

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“Mmm,” was the most she could manage. Her eyes had closed, the lids as heavy as if someone had taped them shut. The bed dipped and moved, and footsteps padded across the bare floor, then running water. Moments later, Ben returned and lay beside her.

Maybe he sensed she couldn’t move, because he half lifted her onto her side and snuggled her, spooning her.

As tired as she was, her brain whirled at what they’d just done, at the love and tenderness he’d shown her. At the wild side he’d brought out in her. She rubbed the rough spot on her wrist left by the rope. All those years of playing the good girl first for her father, and then for Lewis, had made her wonder if she’d ever let herself find such passion again. She’d been lost for a while and now she was starting to find herself again, accept who she was, what she wanted. All because of Ben.

“Shh, you’re thinkin’ too hard again,” he whispered, cuddling her closer.

Slow Ride Home, Book 1 of The Grady Legacy

He was right. She relaxed into his arms and let her mind drift. The light outside had faded when she finally opened her eyes, and the crickets’ song filled the silence. Well, them and the sound of Ben’s stomach growling.

“I need food.” His voice rumbled against her chest. “I can fire up the barbeque. Cook a steak?”

“You barbeque, and I’ll whip up a salad.”


After a lazy stretch, Allie plumped the pillows, enjoying watching Ben searching through his dresser, especially the way the moonlight highlighted his shoulders in its silvery light. Not to mention what it did to highlight his taut ass. He pulled out a fresh pair of briefs before wandering into the bathroom.

He emerged wearing the briefs, nothing else. Oh man, he’d just given her how many orgasms and just looking at him could still make her girly parts tingly?

“Can I borrow a T-shirt and some shorts or sweat pants? My clothes—well, your clothes—are still out on the porch.”

“Better go get ‘em. If they aren’t filled with spiders by the morning, there’s an armadillo who wanders up on the porch every night who might decide to burrow in them.”

“It’s a screened porch. How can an armadillo get in if the door is closed?” He had to be teasing. Didn’t he?

With no trace of amusement in his expression, Ben shrugged. “I have no idea, but he has some secret entrance I haven’t been able to find. Trust me. You leave your clothes out there and he’ll make a nest. Just ask Jake about the time he passed out on the porch a few years back.”



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Now I’m not recommending armadillos as a pet — apparently there are all sorts of disease issues, but these videos made me laugh…

Here’s an armadillo playing with a toy…

Do you think Allie would mind these guys playing in her clothes?

Snippet Saturday – Cute Country Critters
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