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Did you not know that many of my books are available through libraries? These days many ebooks can be downloaded from your library without actually having to visit the brick-and-mortar building, you can do it all online… So if you can’t afford to buy my books, check out my page on Overdrive to find where you can download it and read it for free from your local library.

Overdrive has an app you can download onto your phone or tablet — it’s easy peasy to use… Find it here on the Google Play store for your Android device or here for your iOS (Apple) device. Or even easier, just click on the buttons below. Then link it to your local library and away you go…



So there’s no need to pirate my books. None. Whatsoever. Don’t give me your explanations about how you can’t afford a book that is often on sale for 99 cents. Not when you can read it legally for free.

(And if my books aren’t listed through your local library — just ask them to make it available on Overdrive for you.)

Did you know how to get my books for free?
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