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Since Summer is right around the corner the giveaway theme is Vacation Memories. Each of our participating shops, and many of our blog sponsors, will be sharing some of their favorite vacation photos with you.

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Leah’s Vacation Photos

Most of my vacations haven’t really been vacations but where my husband or I have attended conferences so we’ve grabbed the opportunity for a paid-for hotel room, loaded the family into the car and driven to the conference location. That’s how I ended up in front of the White House with my sons…
Leah & her sons at the White House
Or found ourselves in New Orleans in 2000Jackson-Square in 2000 via LeahBraemel.com
It was a business trip that let me go with my husband to the Virgin Islands…Virgin Islands 2004
It was a business trip that had us taking the train to Ottawa so we could skate down the Rideau Canal…
It was a conference that had us winging our way to New York City, a city my husband had visited many times and always wanted me to go with him but it had never worked out. Interestingly enough, this trip was for one of my conferences and I brought him along…
and my favourite conference trip to Dallas back in 2007–where I was greeted by this little Miss: (I still have that sign, by the way.)

Okay, so I may have ducked out of the conference to do some sightseeing…


 Hats-at-White-Elephant Stockyards-FightBut as I looked back through my photos, there are actual vacations…like when I visited England…
Or the cottage we took up in the Haliburtons …
Or the road trip to Disneyworld when the boys were little …
And once we’d conquered Disneyland we hit the beaches — but we had to clean the sand from our feet as we continued the journey to the space center.
Then there’s the trip we took to BC and Alberta back in 2006. God, I loved that trip — we landed in Vancouver, rented a Jeep and took the ferry over to Victoria, then drove back all the way through British Columbia and to Banff, then on to Calgary, and we had a short stay in Regina too. lake-louise-2006
But of all the places I’ve visited, there are two trips I want to redo — one is to visit Banff — heck both Banff and the trip through BC all the way out to Victoria.
But the top of the “must do vacation” list is to return to England again. My husband and I have both visited, but never together. Going to England with my husband, standing in front of Buckingham Palace, wandering the halls of Windsor Castle, or poking through the shops in the Shambles or listening to a choir at Yorkminster Cathedral — that’s number one on my bucket list. buckingham-palaceIf money were no object, where you would like to go on vacation? What would you like to see? And who would you like to go with? One commenter will win a digital copy of Feeding the Flames.  Contest will close midnight May 19th.

Volunteer Firefighter Zac Buchanan has made stopping off at life-long friend Tabatha Morgan’s new diner a ritual. She really cooks, and he’s not talking just about the food. But if their new-found love and sizzlin’ hot action in the bedroom—and living room, kitchen and bathroom—is to survive, Tabatha must also accept the smoke, flames and danger of Zac’s job. Or their happy-ever-after will forever be extinguished.

Feeding the Flames by Leah Braemel - raw-raunchy and rough

Fabulous Spring Giveaway

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  • May 4, 2015 at 4:40 am

    Love the photos!!! Thanks so much for sharing them all. They may have been business trips but you certainly saw lots of great places. I would love to go back to Paris. I was there when I was 13 but would love to see it as an adult. If money were no object I would take one big long road trip across the country. See all the weird and fun places on my “to see” list 😉

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