I still remember standing on a dock on the edge of Lake Arlington and “seeing” Jodi attempting to break into one of the beautiful houses along the shore (legally–it’s a security test.) that I knew I had to write her story. Especially when later that night I discovered that she had found a surprise guest inside, or rather several someones surprised her, and how the tables were turned on the man who had planned the entire event. I love being to twist up tropes like that.  The reviewers loved it too.

Leah Braemel’s PRIVATE PROPERTY delves into all of one woman’s naughty fantasies and promises to leave readers hot and sweaty. … All of these characters will touch your heart in one way or another. … ~ 4.5 Blue Ribbons, Chrissy, Romance Junkies


Security specialist Jodi Tyler has a great job and a great relationship with her boss, Mark Rodriguez—in the office and in the bedroom. Their casual arrangement is all she wants, and she’d thought it was all Mark wanted too. Right up until she’s busted while testing the security of a Lake Arlington mansion. To her surprise, and with the help of the mansion’s owner, Sam Watson, Jodi’s no-strings affair with Mark is about to become a little more…binding.

Sharing Jodi with his best friend Sam was supposed to be fun. But as the intimate evening progresses, certain feelings come to light, feelings Mark didn’t know he had. Feelings he doesn’t know what to do about. But Sam does. And he knows exactly what to do about them.

By evening’s end, the decisions Mark is forced to make will change everyone’s lives. He will either disappoint them all—or claim Jodi as his own private property.



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If you want to read how Mark and Jodi began their affair, read FIRST NIGHT, a short story I wrote as a prequel to PRIVATE PROPERTY.

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