For those who don’t subscribe to my newsletter (or didn’t open my last newsletter), or aren’t members of my Facebook reader group, you may not have seen that PRIVATE PROPERTY is getting a new look.  I’m going to be putting it out in print next month, which meant I needed a print cover that includes a spine and the back cover.

So the lovely Candice Philips Gilmer of Flirtation Designs worked some magic and came up with this:

Private Property print cover by Leah Braemel

I’ve always loved the film-noir quality that the original covers from Samhain Publishing had, and I love how Candice has captured a similar feel. In the coming months, the other Hauberk books that have reverted to me will be redone in the same style so there’s a cohesiveness within the series. (Wait til you see what she’s done with PERSONAL PROTECTION!) So you’ll soon be seeing this new cover  at the various vendors on the digital version such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks and Kobo but you’ll also see a print version link too.

The physical print copy arrived in my mailbox from Createspace earlier this week — and will soon be available through Createspace so that you’ll be able to buy PRIVATE PROPERTY in print via Amazon, and in a few months after that, in print through other venues too. (It takes a while for it to get out to those other stores.)  Oh and here’s a BONUS — the print version of PRIVATE PROPERTY will also contain FIRST NIGHT, so you’ll get both stories in that print version.

Don’t forget, if you want news about future releases (Personal Protection is getting a make over for its print edition too), make sure you sign up for my newsletter.

Oh, and if you have some of my books with the original covers and like to have all your books look the same but realized the old versions are no longer available, I do have copies of the old versions available for sale if you want them. I’ll be announcing how you can purchase them in an upcoming newsletter…

A new look…
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