Just an update on what’s going on with the remainder of my Hauberk series books since Samhain Publishing closed its doors on February 28th.  I’m still waiting for the official reversion of rights letters from Samhain — they are coming, but they have a ton of authors and books to revert, so it’s a slow process. But I need those documents before I can publish DELIBERATE DECEPTIONS and HIDDEN HEAT again because it is common for Amazon or other vendors to challenge authors about their rights. (And rightly so given the number of times asshats people have submitted other authors’ books as their own.)

**UPDATE:  I have since received the reversion of rights from Samhain Publishing, so the process is proceeding.  So many publishing companies have closed up shop in the middle of the night and left their authors in the lurch, so kudos to Crissy Brashear for closing her business with class. Thank you, Crissy.**

In the meantime, DELIBERATE DECEPTIONS and HIDDEN HEAT will be temporarily unavailable from all vendors.  While I’m waiting for that paperwork, I’m working hard to get both books new cover art, and do a quick re-edit of them. I’m not going to be substantially changing the stories, but there are a few things I want to update. Then they will be formatted for both digital and print formats.  Yes, DELIBERATE DECEPTIONS will have its own stand-alone print copy as well as a digital version. And the print version of DELIBERATE DECEPTIONS will also contain PERFECT PROPOSAL, the never-been-in-print-before follow-up to Sam and Rosie’s relationship.

So, please be patient if you’re a new to the Hauberk series reader — they’re returning soon. (Please please please do not download from a pirate site. Cover art, formatting, editing, all costs money that most authors, especially this one, do not have to spare.)

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They’re coming. Soon.