Just a quick heads-up to those of you who have read/bought/follow my Hauberk series.

A little backstory for those coming later to the saga–it’s confusing I know, so try to stay with me:

When I wrote PRIVATE PROPERTY back in 2008 and submitted it to Samhain Publishing, I figured it was a one-off stand-alone story.  I was offered a contract in July 2008 with a release date of January 2009.  In her offer letter,  Angela, my editor, indicated that she loved Sam and asked if he’d be getting his own story. Of course I said yes, I was in the middle of writing his story. As I was writing it that summer, I realized it was potentially a new series, but I wasn’t sure if Samhain would be interested in it or not. Anyway, while I submitted the manuscript for PERSONAL PROTECTION to Angela in early October mentioning that I thought it might make a good start to a series. I didn’t get a contract for PERSONAL PROTECTION until December 2008 when Angela and I discussed the potential for the Hauberk Protection series well after PRIVATE PROPERTY had been formatted and the cover art created, which explains why there was no mention of the Hauberk Protection series on the original version of Private Property (in the cover or inside notes), or in any of the marketing at the time, and why the first mention of the Hauberk Protection series isn’t until PERSONAL PROTECTION was released as Book 2.

With me still?

Okay, so that explains why PRIVATE PROPERTY never said “HAUBERK PROTECTION BOOK 1” on the original version’s cover.

Anyway, back to the fall of 2008. While we were waiting for PRIVATE PROPERTY to release in late January 2009, Samhain asked their authors to write a short holiday story to be released December 2008, so I wrote FIRST NIGHT, which is an introduction to how Jodi and Mark started their no-strings-attached affair, a prologue, if you will, to PRIVATE PROPERTY. So even though FIRST NIGHT was written well after PRIVATE PROPERTY and PERSONAL PROTECTION, it was the first story released. And since I retained the rights to the story, and officially it wasn’t part of the Samhain’s Hauberk series, it wasn’t included within Hauberk’s numbering system. Since PRIVATE PROPERTY was considered the first book in the series, I numbered it (on my website) as 0.5, but I couldn’t include it in the series on the vendors as that was controlled by the series official publisher, which at the time was of course Samhain.

Now jump to 2012 — between DELIBERATE DECEPTIONS and HIDDEN HEAT, which Samhain numbered as Books 3 and 4. Around that time, self publishing had become acceptable, and lots of authors (and publishers too) realized that writing short stories/novellas, especially “between” book stories, helped sales of the rest of the series. So I wrote and self-published PERFECT PROPOSAL, a novella/epilogue to Sam and Rosie’s story. And I since I’d retained the rights to FIRST NIGHT, I self-published it too, and since it occurs after DELIBERATE DECEPTIONS, and Samhain was numbering HIDDEN HEAT as book 4, I numbered PERFECT PROPOSAL as book 3.5.

The trouble was Amazon doesn’t allow mid-series .5 numbers. So when a reader searched for Hauberk Protection stories, only the Samhain versions appeared, not my self-published stories. But if you searched here on my website, you would have seen this numbering system:







In 2016 Samhain announced they were closing their doors, and I got the rights back to PRIVATE PROPERTY and PERSONAL PROTECTION since the contract had already run out and I could reclaim them. But then the powers that be decided that they didn’t have to close their doors and held onto the rights to DELIBERATE DECEPTIONS and HIDDEN HEAT. Which left me having to make a decision about what to do with the books I DID have the rights to. Since Samhain still claimed as they held the rights to DELIBERATE DECEPTION, which they had numbered as book 3, I realized I could not renumber the series to start with FIRST NIGHT because that meant PERSONAL PROTECTION would become book 3 which would be a total conflict on Amazon and the other stores. So I had to publish PRIVATE PROPERTY and PERSONAL PROTECTION last year continuing with the Books 1 & 2 enumerations.

BUT — and this is huge — now I have all the rights back. To all the books in the series.

The slow child that I am suddenly realized, literally just in the past two weeks, that I now have control of how the stories are numbered. And it makes more sense (to me anyway) to renumber them into the correct full-numeral order so they can be properly displayed on the vendors. BUT I’d already had the covers made with the numbers on them, and I’d have to recover and republish ALL the books to change them out to reflect the new numbering system.

After a lot of discussions with my graphic artist (who had generously offered to redo the covers with the new numbers without charge), we decided it would be best to renumber the series so FIRST NIGHT is actually book 0 (who knew Amazon allowed a book 0? My cover artist apparently!) And since PERFECT PROPOSAL takes place after DELIBERATE DECEPTIONS and during HIDDEN HEAT, I decided it might be best to make PERFECT PROPOSAL book 5 now instead of book 3.5.

So I’m in the middle of working on changing out the numbers on the various vendors — which means the new numbering system is reflected on the covers. So if you suddenly see Book 5 and wonder if you’ve missed something, you haven’t. Or maybe you didn’t realize there were other stories available in the series.

So the DIGITAL series will now ordered properly as:

0 – FIRST NIGHT (which is free everywhere, by the way)






“What about the print versions?” my cover artist asked. Well, since I combined FIRST NIGHT into the print copy of PRIVATE PROPERTY, and PERFECT PROPOSAL is combined with DELIBERATE DECEPTIONS, the print version numbering will remain as:





Is that clear as mud now?

TL;DR — I’m renumbering the books in the Hauberk series so when a reader searches for the series all the books will be shown by the vendors. It won’t affect the content of the stories, and there isn’t a new book in the series that suddenly appeared. It’s just the way they’ve been numbered that has changed so it is easier for readers to find my books.

Oh, and by the way, I’m also working on bundling the entire series together. That’ll be coming soon…the same books, just all in one file. But in digital only — because holy moly a print book with them all together would be one BIG book that would cause a massive ache if you had to carry it around.

Re-enumerating: or Change it is a-comin’, part deux. Or is it part five?
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