More bits and bobs…

When I got serious about my writing, I thought it was “all about the story”. It is, but once you’re sold, your time is divided between writing and marketing/publicity. Since Friday night, I’ve been working hard on arranging my Birthday

Sunny Days, in so many ways

Editing on Andy’s story rocked today. Why is it some days things seem to click and flow so easily while other days all the gears crunch and grind? Maybe because today was a beautiful sunny day with the robins and

A rare event. VERY rare.

I’ve been fighting a miserable cold this week. (Thanks a lot, Gizmo Guy! grumble grumble) Yet, even though I am a bit discombobulated, I’ve had an incredibly productive day. The discombobulation? I had thought my Toronto Romance Writers meeting was

Make your own Album Cover

(Yes, I’m flashing to that Saturday Night Live Jeopardy Skit. “I’ll take Anal Bum Covers, Alex” I tried to find the clip, but they’ve either been taken down for copyright infringement, or they’re available only to people in the States.