Friday Funny

I’m running around trying to write while also preparing for my upcoming trip to North Carolina for the Writers’ Police Academy. Which means nothing is getting done. Or at least, it’s not getting done well. So while I try to


Yesterday was not a good day for me. Apart from the fact that I’ve been sick for a couple days, I discovered that back in September I let myself get distracted and screwed up on something that … well, let’s

Tis the season

Gizmo Guy often sends me jokes to distract me. I decided to share this one with you. (And after you’ve finished, don’t forget to visit Tera’s blog, the Samhellion (click on the graphic to get to the rules), and to


It’s still Thanksgiving weekend up here – we had our big meal yesterday which went over very well. I’m still full, I swear. I’m also fighting off a nasty cold, and dealing with an aching tooth that’ll probably require a

The Business of Happy

On the weekend, two writer friends of mine were discussing the purpose of writers’ blogs. Both agreed that as romance writers we’re “in the business of happy” and thought our blogs should reflect that. (In other words, no ranting or

A Friday Funny

It’s Friday – Christine d’Abo is stressed out at work, Amy Ruttan has just finishing up with her EDJ, Marley’s about to head out on a long trip, and I’ve been running my a$$ off this week. So here’s a

More Meh

Just color me frustrated today. So here’s a joke Gizmo Guy just sent me (He always does know how to cheer me up): Four Catholic ladies are having coffee together, discussing how important their children are. The first one tells her

Pick up Lines

Looks like this may be a day for copyright infringement *sigh* but I couldn’t resist these lines. Someone posted them over on Savannah Chase’s Yahoo group and Gizmo Guy and I have been chuckling over some of them ever since.