Want to win a fireman? Or twelve?

It’s my second annual “Spot the Differences” contest.  The prize is the 2011 edition of the Toronto Firefighter calendar — the proceeds of the sales of the calendars support Toronto’s Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation. (Princess Margaret Hospital is one of

Lisa Pietsch is a Task Force all her own

Thanks for having me back! Last time I was here was in July of 2009 when I talked about my love for geeks http://leahbraemel.blogspot.com/2009/07/lisa-pietsch-knows-why-women-love-geeks.html (By the way, that has not changed and I’m proud to say The Big Bang Theory

Lisa Pietsch Got Hijacked!

Lisa Pietsch writes about terrorists and terrorism — and as a former US Air Force military cop you can trust the details she packs in her stories. So I’m thrilled to welcome her back today as she relates how her

Kicking Back for once

Between writing and the Birthday Bash, I’ve been spending 15 hours a day at my computer in my office and not paying much attention to the family (or the housework). The little trip to Mt. Tremblant helped a bit, and