More pics from Ottawa

Fall is here unfortunately. But the colors of the trees on our trip to Ottawa were gorgeous, one of the few benefits of knowing months of winter lie ahead. Mother Nature’s way of softening us up, I suppose. One way

All my bags are NOT packed

I’m going to be away Friday through Monday while I’m at the Ottawa Romance Writers’ Sweet and Spicy conference. As is usual for higher priced hotels, the internet is not free. I won’t know how much access I’ll have until


It’s been a running around day. I had all sorts of errands to do around town today, both for Guitar Hero and myself. Dry cleaners, dentist, banking, groceries, etc. I went out this evening and bought myself a pretty little

Golden Girl

Whew, I’ve been running around trying to get ready for the conference this weekend and panic is starting to set in. It’s not as if it’s Nationals, but it’s the first conference I’ve gone to this year, and the last

Weekend update

On the home front, it’s been fairly quiet. Curly is bummed because their XBox 360 has broken down yet again. This is their third unit in eighteen months, and is a brand new replacement that’s less than a month old.

They can’t be serious!

Gizmo Guy was just reading an article to me about ‘Canada’s Least Sexy City’. I snorted and suggested the city where we live. No, he tells me. According to who ran a survey, it’s Ottawa! According to them, Ottawa