Storms on two fronts

First off — my thoughts and prayers to all those affected by the storms in the American south last night. The videos I’ve seen are frightening for the power of the tornadoes and how they just whip through neighborhood after

Frugal? Or fed up?

It’s been a while since I allowed myself to rant on here. Bad for the image and all that. But here goes… Publishers say a cover can make a consumer pick up a book off the shelf. Well, for me,

A Different Type of Protection

The other day I mentioned to Gizmo Guy that I really should be storing my backups offsite “just in case” of a fire* or other disaster. We started talking about all the things we needed to protect. Today Gizmo Guy

As busy as a one-armed paperhanger

Why is it when you have one commitment, sixteen thousand others all pop their heads up and demand attention too? Okay, so I’m given to hyperbole, but life’s getting busy here. I went out yesterday afternoon and did some brainstorming

Getting frosty

It’s been a long time since I allowed myself one of my trademark rants. So as summer draws to a close, I’m allowing myself one. Someone needs to tell Mother Nature that summer doesn’t officially end until Tuesday. The last

The Ugly Side to Writing

You know how I’d written that Dani wanted to know what happens behind the scenes once you got “the call”? Well, it’s not all fun and games. Especially lately. I’d already been feeling ticked off this morning because I got

In the words of Jack Black…

Don’t be a Douche. People are pirating copies of Personal Protection. Grrr. Listen folks, you may think you’re saving a couple bucks, but you’re costing me money. I don’t get a big fat-ass advance for these books. Most authors don’t.

I iz sleepin’. I hope.

OMG, I’d totally forgotten how the week before Private Property released, I stopped sleeping.It was my first release, I was entitled to be nervous/excited/scared sh*tless. But this was my second release. It should all be old hat to me now.

Did SARS teach us nothing?

A lot of people have been tweeting and blogging about the swine flu – to the point where it’s now been so over-hyped people are fed up and are ignoring any and all advice. (Wash your hands frequently, sneeze into

Triskaidekaphobic? Not me.

The second Friday the Thirteenth in two months is coming to a close. I can hardly believe that exactly one month ago, Curly was in Florida. Time sure has flown by. I’m not a triskaidekaphobic, in other words I don’t