That went fast

I’m ba-ack. Wow, that week went fast. But did it ever give me the break I need. I walked on the sandy beach, and sat on the porch and listened to the wind in the trees while herons and terns


After writing three books in the past year, having two book releases within a month of each other, and two conferences within the same month, I’ve reached the end of my rope and declared that “I need a vacation!” So

I’m Back!

Wow, though I was away only four days, it felt a lot longer. Don’t get me wrong, Gizmo Guy and I had a fantastic time in Quebec City. Our bank account however isn’t feeling so healthy – food is EXPENSIVE

Part of History

We arrived! We had forgotten how aggressive Quebec drivers are – Yikes! And how their highway systems aren’t as friendly as ours – for instance, it’s frickin’ hard to get onto an onramp you need when the sign appears AFTER

Where’d this week go?

Midweek check in for the Kick in the Pants challenge. Notice it’s two days late. *sigh* I haven’t kept track of my word count. I have been writing, but it’s mainly been editing an entry for a competition. **Warning Rant

Surprise Getaway

I’m registered for a course tomorrow on the Canadian Publishing industry. It’s being taught by a former president of Penguin Books Canada at a somewhat distant university. However, naturally enough for living in Canada, the forecast is for freezing rain

Thursday Thirteen #2

Forgot to do this last week! Oops. So here’s one for this week: 13 of my favourites vacations! Though not in order of preference except for England but the pictures were just too hard to fiddle with to get them