Storms on two fronts

First off — my thoughts and prayers to all those affected by the storms in the American south last night. The videos I’ve seen are frightening for the power of the tornadoes and how they just whip through neighborhood after

Spring is Here? Where?

Ugh. It’s April yet it’s blowing a gale and there’s snow in the air. I figured there’d be one more storm just to remind us we live in Canada, but I don’t like it when it’s into April and still

Back on track

It’s been so cold out today, that it’s been tough to keep the house warm. I’ve got the thermostat cranked up to 70 (generally it’s set to 68), but the office area is still bordering the lower end of the

End of the week wrap up

Daily Wordcount: 2667 wordsEnd of Week Wordcount: 16,011 words Phew! I’ve decided I’m aiming for approximately 60K, so I’m a little under a third done. However, I’m feeling guilty. It has been beautiful outside the last few days – finally

Spring is finally here

Word count update: 2900 words for today! My latest story is coming together wonderfully – it’s got a delicious hunky hero named Sam in it and a lot of his humor is coming through, making me laugh which is always


I was supposed to be out on these roads today driving my mother around but Mother Nature sent us snow and freezing rain as one of our first winter challenges. As a kid I used to love winter. I especially

Falling …

It’s that strange time of year here where you need t-shirts in the afternoon, and sweatshirts or sweaters in the evenings and mornings; when your S.O. kicks off the covers at bedtime complaining they’re hot, forcing you to blindly grope

Busy busy busy

I should have posted goals for this week but I haven’t. Can’t even begin to think of doing anything but getting through the week. Keeping me busy #1: my erotica novella. I sent off 90% of my ms. to my