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The Headless Torso Also known as cover art.  Periodically, I see discussions in various places regarding cover art preferences.  The main points of discussion are usually drawn art vs. photography, people vs. no people, and faces vs. headless torsos. Now, I have to say that I’m incredibly happy with my […]

KC Burns on The Headless Torso

Life’s heated up and I’ve hardly been home since Wednesday so I’ve lagged on pulling winners for the contests on the blog. I think everyone’s squared away now: Congratulations to: Marika Weber who won a copy of Velvet Cataclysm on Beth Kery’s blog post here last Saturday. Kari Thomas who […]


Melinda from Night Owl Reviews gave Tangled Past another Top Pick review award. Leah Braemel has done it again in a story about three people whose lives change drastically. You have Sarah McLeod who is young and sometimes innocent about so many things. Seeing two men like Jackson and Nate […]

Tangled Past a Top Pick from Night Owl Reviews

Happy Thanksgiving to my American readers. If you need a sweet potato casserole recipe, I’ve got one up over at fellow erotic romance author Madison Edward’s blog 😉 You could even win a copy of my backlist by leaving a comment. The contest at Suspense author Toni Anderson’s blog is […]

This ain’t your grandma’s romance novel

By some weird quirk of fate, and my misreading my calendar, I’m scheduled at TWO blogs today. In addition to the interview Gizmo Guy and I did at Toni Anderson’s blog, I’m also over at Madison Edward’s today, sharing a recipe for sweet potato casserole. (Yes, I know, people in […]

Blog hopping today

Leah here: I’m thrilled to welcome back Toni Anderson, whose latest release with Carina Press, EDGE OF SURVIVAL features a heroine with diabetes. We’ve done a blog swap today Toni is hosting an interview with Gizmo Guy and I about Gizmo Guy’s diabetes diagnosis two years ago and how it’s […]

Toni Anderson: Edge of Survival

Last week I was struggling to open a banana — normally if they’re giving me problems I reach into the drawer, grab a knife and cut the stem off. My youngest son smirked, grabbed the banana, turned it over and said “open it like the monkeys do, Mom.” He pinched […]

Monkey business

Thank you, Leah, for hosting me at your blog today! I work in the mental health field, and so many of my books have references to various psychological conditions. Niall from Wicked Burn PTSD, Lana from Paradise Rules had an anxiety condition, Thomas from Explosive a post traumatic/localized amnesia, etc. […]

Beth Kery’s Silken Rapture

When my eldest son moved out, he took my his cat Spike with him. So every now and then he taunts me with photos. Like this one. Poor Spike. I insist that I must go to Toronto and rescue Spike and bring him home so he won’t be tortured by […]

Can he look more disgruntled?

I mentioned the other day that I’ve written a short (as in 12K) story that has Sam proposing to Rosie (they’re the couple in Personal Protection).  After his original plans are thwarted, Sam’s determined to get down on one knee and propose. He’s got the whole night planned–they’ll spend Thanksgiving […]

Help Me with a Title

DISCOVERIES A couple days ago, I redesigned my banner for my website and sent it to my son who designed my website.  I loved what I did but knew he’d find fault.  After all, he is a programmer, which makes pleasing his sensibilities with my creativity nearly impossible.  And <sigh>, […]

Susan Edwards: Myth, Magic and Wonder

**edited** Somehow the first line of the post got cut off… so you may not have seen it: “Where the heck is November going?”** “West” or “Thataway” would be my usual smart-ass answer to anyone else asking that question. It was Gizmo Guy’s birthday yesterday — we’re not talking about […]

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