An unexpected new look

Yes, my website has changed again. I hadn’t intended to change it, but the WordPress theme I was using updated yesterday. Normally it’s not a problem, but yesterday? Major issues where I couldn’t even log into my site anymore and my site was down.  After some fiddling around, I found a way to get into the site. Once in I discovered that even deleting the old copy and downloading a fresh version didn’t fix the issue — in my humble opinion, something is wrong with the coding of the original doc. So as much as I loved the simple look of that theme, I had to trash it and start fresh with a new theme.

Luckily I didn’t lose any of my pages or data, although I did have a fairly recent backup of the site I could have drawn on if I’d needed to (which is a warning to anyone with data that is important, being it a website database or a single document – back up, back up, back up!)

I’ll probably be tweaking it in the coming weeks. But that’s par for the course for me.

But while you’re wandering around the site, if you find any links that aren’t working, or anything that’s not looking right, let me know so I can fix it.

In the meantime, I’m back to working on the long-awaited Wrangling the Past…



The Heat is On!

HIDDEN HEAT is available!

Sandy and Troy have returned to your favourite digital bookstores. (They’ll be returning in print in June.)

They have a steamy new cover, thanks to Candice of Flirtation Designs,

and a new description thanks to Carolan at The Blurb Wizard:

The masks we wear can hide our deepest desires…or reveal them.
Wedding rings, babies, commitment? No thank you. Working for a company that’s wall-to-wall, testosterone-fueled alpha males, Sandy Hallquist is in her element. By day, she’s the picture of calm, cool efficiency. Off hours, her inner adrenaline junkie is off the chain.
His whole professional life has been all about being invisible, but nothing about Troy MacPherson is real, not even his name. It’s the only way he can manage Hauberk’s international offices while hiding his other career: assassin. But in one moment of weakness, Troy’s carefully constructed mask begins to crack. Cracks that reveal his yearning for things he can never have. Family. Stability. Love.
Too bad they’re the last things on Sandy’s must-have list. By the time she realizes the heat between them will last a lifetime, his next mission could make him disappear from her life.

You can now purchase your copy (in digital) at your usual eBook providers:

Now Available as an ebook

(yes, it will be coming in print also but at a later date)

Amazon Apple ibooks Barnes & Noble Kobo

Same great story that the reviewers loved!

“…almost too hot to touch”  – RT Book Reviews

Purest Delight - Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews…a very complex and suspenseful story ~Slick, Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

……fabulous complex characters…The setting is so realistic that it’s almost impossible to believe that this isn’t real…hot men full of action…wish there were more to read. ~Terri, Night Owl Reviews

The sexuality, sensuality, passion and suspense blend together perfectly into a wonderfully engaging and entertaining story that keeps the reader on the edge of their seat. ~ Shannon, The Romance Studio

…a powerful and fun story full of all the emotion, sensuality and suspense that I’ve come to really enjoy in Ms. Braemel’s writing ~Chrissy, Romance Junkies

…HIDDEN HEAT is plump with sexual tension and thrilling drama…another exciting couple and edge of your seat plotting…an excellent, dark, and gritty plot ~Miranda, Joyfully Reviewed


2012 © Leah Braemel

TROY’S FINGERS CURLED TIGHTER around his glass as Sandy tugged her skirt down her thighs, rewarding that wolf in the blue suit with her beautiful innocent smile. “Hey, Scott. Do you know him? The guy staring down Sandy’s cleavage?”

Scott shifted to get a better view of the couple. “Not by name. He started hanging out here a couple weeks ago. Heard him bragging about working for some financial firm or something. Why?”

When Sandy placed a hand on the guy’s forearm and accompanied him to a booth at the back, Troy wanted to snarl. “Something about him sets off the alarm bells.”

“It’s your own fault if she goes home with him, you know,” Scott said quietly. “You could have gone up there and talked to her yourself.”

Flipping Scott the bird, Troy looked for some sign she was uncomfortable. To his disgust he found none. A half hour passed before Scott finished his drink and excused himself.

As the night wore on, Troy’s mood darkened. He had no justifiable reason to plow his fist into the overconfident fucker’s nose and wipe his smug smile off his face. It was none of his business the number of times the bastard’s gaze dropped to Sandy’s cleavage. Or how he’d placed a hand on her hip as if staking his claim.

Hidden in the shadows, he allowed himself to picture Sandy shrugging out of her blouse. He imagined her shimmying out of her skirt, letting the fabric puddle at her feet to stand in front of him wearing only a scanty bra and perhaps, if he were lucky, a lacy thong. First thing he’d do would be to lick the freckles above her breasts and let the spice of her skin excite his taste buds. Then he’d suckle on her plump nipples until they were hard, maybe he’d let her feel his teeth on them. Once she was moaning her pleasure, he’d fill his palms with those full globes of her ass and part her legs, bury his cock deep inside her.

His breath hissed through his teeth when his fingers brushed the hard-on pressing against his fly in his attempt to create more space in his trousers. Talk about a glutton for punishment, letting himself fantasize about her. Now he was in desperate need of a little hand action to ease the ache in his balls. If he didn’t get himself under control, he’d either spill in his pants or he’d be forced to seek the men’s bathroom and find his relief in a stall.

The asshole stood. Good. He was leaving.

Shit. Sandy was standing too. And taking the asshole’s hand. Three steps later Sandy slipped and Troy had seen enough. He slid from the booth, blocking their way before they could pass.

“I’ll take her home.”

Sandy huffed. “Troy, please.”

“You know this jerk, Samantha?” Asshole’s jaw tightened.

Now wasn’t that interesting? Sandy hadn’t given Asshole her real name. Troy sized him up. Manicured hands, not used to hard labor. The start of a pudge around the midriff. Desk jockey, at least lately. Not that it made him any less dangerous. The guy could be carrying a gun. Or a knife. Hell, he could be a former agent who’d been retired a few months too long but still retained the knowledge of how to incapacitate someone with his bare hands. “Yeah, she knows me. And I don’t know you. So why don’t you take a hike?”

“I don’t think so.” To his credit, Asshole placed himself between Sandy and Troy and stuck out his hand. “Mitch Young. And you are?”

Troy dropped his gaze to the outstretched hand and let it hang while he returned to meet Young’s gaze. Okay, so maybe he wasn’t a complete jerk. “McPherson. Troy McPherson.”

Young’s demeanor completely changed. He held up both hands and side-stepped Sandy. “Sorry, man, I had no idea she was married. She never said a word.”

Married? Why the fuck would the asshole think he was Sandy’s husband? Then again, who cared? Troy watched the man scuttle away before turning to Sandy, who glared at him. Rather than give her a chance to get away, he grabbed her wrist and hauled her out of the bar.

“Troy, stop it. You have no right to act like this.” Despite Sandy’s protests, she didn’t struggle against his hold. “Will you slow down, please? I’m in high heels here.”

He slowed but didn’t stop until they were beside his SUV in the parking lot. “Damn it, woman, you don’t have the sense of an overbred cocker spaniel, do you know that?” A spaniel with big blue puppy-dog eyes and soft wavy hair, lush curves and plump lips.

“Are you calling me a dog?” She flattened her hand against his chest and shoved him. At least she tried to shove him but ended up staggering backward herself.

“No.” He crowded her against his SUV, trying to ignore the way her breasts brushed his shirt, or the way her lipstick glistened in the moonlight. Focus, mate. “Have you ever met this Mitch guy before tonight?”

“No, but who I decide to have a drink with is none of your business. I’ll date who I want, when I want.”

“Then you can get together with him another day, but I won’t stand by and let you go off with a guy you don’t know when you’re drunk and not fit to make a decision.”

“I’m not drunk. I was drinking virgin daiquiris, for Pete’s sake.”

“Sure as hell looked like it to me from the way you were stumbling your way out of the bar. Shit, did you take your eyes off your drink? Maybe he slipped you a roofie.” He checked her eyes to see if she might be drugged only to have his hand slapped.

“Oh for heaven’s sake. I’m not drunk and I’m not drugged. Someone must have spilled a drink, my heel slid. That’s all. Besides, have you ever tried walking on four-inch heels? Do you know how hard it is, especially if some asshole is forcing you to keep up while he runs outside?”

He mentally took a step back, wondering if he had misjudged the situation. Then he made the mistake of looking at her again. Sparks of blue fire snapped out at him from those big puppy-dog eyes. Her chest rose and fell as she fought her anger. His body urged him to lower his head, to kiss her and capture her mouth with his, to draw some of that passion into his long-dormant soul.

A breeze whipped around the parking lot. She shivered and her nipples beaded beneath the silk of her blouse. As much as he wanted to be the one to warm her, he stepped back.

“You’re cold.”

“Because you dragged me out here without giving me the time to put my coat on, asshole.”

Unable to argue her point, he took the jacket she clutched in one hand and held it open.

Her anger didn’t disappear precisely but it was joined by questioning bemusement as she slid her arms into the sleeves. “Thank you. I’m still ticked off with you, you know.”

Placing his hands gently on her shoulders, he turned her to face him. “Same goes. You need to be more careful about who you trust. There are some nasty types out there who will gobble a pretty girl like you up for a snack.”

He couldn’t resist playing with her collar as a way to cover his need to touch her hair. To touch her.

Her expression softened. “I know about the nasty types, Troy. I have to file the reports that agents submit, as well as sit in on the initial meetings with clients, which means I know exactly why they require bodyguards. I also volunteer with the Safe and Sound program. I’ve seen what those women have experienced before they made it to the shelter.”

When she shook her head, her hair brushed the back of his hand in a soft caress.

All his protective instincts bristled that she could be put in danger from one of those abusers. “Tell me no one’s been harassing you from there. None of the husbands who think it’s easier to blame you than himself.”

Her eyes closed briefly and a soft huff of exasperation escaped between her lush lips. “I’m fine. And stop trying to distract me about how you interfered back there. I’m still mad at you.”

Smart girl. He caught a strand of hair and rubbed it between his fingers. “He wasn’t your type.”

“And you are?”

Not hardly. “No. I’m the big bad wolf. That’s why you need to trust me that he wasn’t right for you.”

“What big eyes you have, Grandma?” Her lips compressed though the corners twitched as if she were trying not to smile. Then she tilted her head until her ear touched his thumb and the ground slid from beneath him. Why was it so hard to breathe from such a simple touch?

He gave in to impulse and lowered his head. Her eyes widened briefly, then they closed as he took the kiss he’d dreamed of for so long.

She tasted of strawberries and sugar. And everything good that must be found in heaven. Heaven became even more attainable when she slid her hands beneath his coat, around his waist and flattened them over his back, pulling him closer. He sank deeper into the kiss, her innocence a benediction, a cleansing of all his sins.

The Honda parked beside his SUV beeped and its headlights flashed, breaking the trance he’d fallen into. He couldn’t remember a time when he’d ever been so reluctant to break off a kiss, but he forced himself to lift his head. To step back.

As the owner of the Honda cleared his throat and gestured to the door Troy was blocking, he took Sandy’s hand and led her to the front of the car. She didn’t say a word as she followed, but the look of complete trust she gave him wracked him with both guilt and desire. Her tongue darted out to moisten lips swollen from his kiss. In what seemed to be an unconscious gesture, she touched a hand to smooth the hair he’d managed to further tousle. Is this what she’d look like waking up beside him?

Stop it. She’d run screaming if she knew you killed an unarmed man this morning.

Re-enumerating: or Change it is a-comin’, part deux. Or is it part five?

Just a quick heads-up to those of you who have read/bought/follow my Hauberk series.

A little backstory for those coming later to the saga–it’s confusing I know, so try to stay with me:

When I wrote PRIVATE PROPERTY back in 2008 and submitted it to Samhain Publishing, I figured it was a one-off stand-alone story.  I was offered a contract in July 2008 with a release date of January 2009.  In her offer letter,  Angela, my editor, indicated that she loved Sam and asked if he’d be getting his own story. Of course I said yes, I was in the middle of writing his story. As I was writing it that summer, I realized it was potentially a new series, but I wasn’t sure if Samhain would be interested in it or not. Anyway, while I submitted the manuscript for PERSONAL PROTECTION to Angela in early October mentioning that I thought it might make a good start to a series. I didn’t get a contract for PERSONAL PROTECTION until December 2008 when Angela and I discussed the potential for the Hauberk Protection series well after PRIVATE PROPERTY had been formatted and the cover art created, which explains why there was no mention of the Hauberk Protection series on the original version of Private Property (in the cover or inside notes), or in any of the marketing at the time, and why the first mention of the Hauberk Protection series isn’t until PERSONAL PROTECTION was released as Book 2.

With me still?

Okay, so that explains why PRIVATE PROPERTY never said “HAUBERK PROTECTION BOOK 1” on the original version’s cover.

Anyway, back to the fall of 2008. While we were waiting for PRIVATE PROPERTY to release in late January 2009, Samhain asked their authors to write a short holiday story to be released December 2008, so I wrote FIRST NIGHT, which is an introduction to how Jodi and Mark started their no-strings-attached affair, a prologue, if you will, to PRIVATE PROPERTY. So even though FIRST NIGHT was written well after PRIVATE PROPERTY and PERSONAL PROTECTION, it was the first story released. And since I retained the rights to the story, and officially it wasn’t part of the Samhain’s Hauberk series, it wasn’t included within Hauberk’s numbering system. Since PRIVATE PROPERTY was considered the first book in the series, I numbered it (on my website) as 0.5, but I couldn’t include it in the series on the vendors as that was controlled by the series official publisher, which at the time was of course Samhain.

Now jump to 2012 — between DELIBERATE DECEPTIONS and HIDDEN HEAT, which Samhain numbered as Books 3 and 4. Around that time, self publishing had become acceptable, and lots of authors (and publishers too) realized that writing short stories/novellas, especially “between” book stories, helped sales of the rest of the series. So I wrote and self-published PERFECT PROPOSAL, a novella/epilogue to Sam and Rosie’s story. And I since I’d retained the rights to FIRST NIGHT, I self-published it too, and since it occurs after DELIBERATE DECEPTIONS, and Samhain was numbering HIDDEN HEAT as book 4, I numbered PERFECT PROPOSAL as book 3.5.

The trouble was Amazon doesn’t allow mid-series .5 numbers. So when a reader searched for Hauberk Protection stories, only the Samhain versions appeared, not my self-published stories. But if you searched here on my website, you would have seen this numbering system:







In 2016 Samhain announced they were closing their doors, and I got the rights back to PRIVATE PROPERTY and PERSONAL PROTECTION since the contract had already run out and I could reclaim them. But then the powers that be decided that they didn’t have to close their doors and held onto the rights to DELIBERATE DECEPTIONS and HIDDEN HEAT. Which left me having to make a decision about what to do with the books I DID have the rights to. Since Samhain still claimed as they held the rights to DELIBERATE DECEPTION, which they had numbered as book 3, I realized I could not renumber the series to start with FIRST NIGHT because that meant PERSONAL PROTECTION would become book 3 which would be a total conflict on Amazon and the other stores. So I had to publish PRIVATE PROPERTY and PERSONAL PROTECTION last year continuing with the Books 1 & 2 enumerations.

BUT — and this is huge — now I have all the rights back. To all the books in the series.

The slow child that I am suddenly realized, literally just in the past two weeks, that I now have control of how the stories are numbered. And it makes more sense (to me anyway) to renumber them into the correct full-numeral order so they can be properly displayed on the vendors. BUT I’d already had the covers made with the numbers on them, and I’d have to recover and republish ALL the books to change them out to reflect the new numbering system.

After a lot of discussions with my graphic artist (who had generously offered to redo the covers with the new numbers without charge), we decided it would be best to renumber the series so FIRST NIGHT is actually book 0 (who knew Amazon allowed a book 0? My cover artist apparently!) And since PERFECT PROPOSAL takes place after DELIBERATE DECEPTIONS and during HIDDEN HEAT, I decided it might be best to make PERFECT PROPOSAL book 5 now instead of book 3.5.

So I’m in the middle of working on changing out the numbers on the various vendors — which means the new numbering system is reflected on the covers. So if you suddenly see Book 5 and wonder if you’ve missed something, you haven’t. Or maybe you didn’t realize there were other stories available in the series.

So the DIGITAL series will now ordered properly as:

0 – FIRST NIGHT (which is free everywhere, by the way)






“What about the print versions?” my cover artist asked. Well, since I combined FIRST NIGHT into the print copy of PRIVATE PROPERTY, and PERFECT PROPOSAL is combined with DELIBERATE DECEPTIONS, the print version numbering will remain as:





Is that clear as mud now?

TL;DR — I’m renumbering the books in the Hauberk series so when a reader searches for the series all the books will be shown by the vendors. It won’t affect the content of the stories, and there isn’t a new book in the series that suddenly appeared. It’s just the way they’ve been numbered that has changed so it is easier for readers to find my books.

Oh, and by the way, I’m also working on bundling the entire series together. That’ll be coming soon…the same books, just all in one file. But in digital only — because holy moly a print book with them all together would be one BIG book that would cause a massive ache if you had to carry it around.

For those of you who prefer your books in print…

DELIBERATE DECEPTIONS is finally available as a paperback. At the moment, it’s only available through Amazon and Createspace (which, technically, is also Amazon) but it is gradually working its way through the various other vendors so you will soon be able to also buy it online through Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, Book Depository (which technically is also Amazon but has free shipping to hundreds of countries around the world), and IndieBound.

As a special bonus for those who want the print copy, I’ve included PERFECT PROPOSAL at the back. That’s the novella about Sam trying to propose to Rosie. It’s never been in print before, so I’m really excited it is finally also available for those of you who prefer to read in print.


Deliberate Deceptions Cover Reveal

I’ll admit it, there are some covers I’ve had that I’ve fallen in love with the moment I saw them, and others…not so much. (When you have a publisher, sometimes you don’t have much of a say. And sometimes it’s just really hard to find just the right image and you have to…settle for “close enough.”) But when my editor over at Samhain sent me DELIBERATE DECEPTIONS original cover, it fell firmly in the “OMG, that’s perfect” column. Which is why you may look at the new version and think “that looks familiar.”

For those of you who have watched While You Were Sleeping, there’s a scene where Jack explains to Lucy about ‘leaning’ vs ‘hugging’ …

Well, there’s a scene in DELIBERATE DECEPTIONS where Chad is…leaning. Wanting. Just like the couple on the cover.  So when I got my rights back from Samhain, and I had to replace the cover, I couldn’t bear to part with that…lean.  Luckily enough, I’d bought that image all those years back, so I asked my new cover artist from Flirtation Designs if she could manage to work it in around the new series design. And she did!

So Chad and Lauren will return to your digital vendors on April 10th. And as a special treat for those of you who prefer to hold a print book in your hand, the print version of DELIBERATE DECEPTIONS will be available within the next month or so AND I’m going to be adding PERFECT PROPOSAL, the novella that has never been in print before, to the print version. (Sorry about the delay, but the time is dependent upon trial print versions being mailed from the States and having to go through Canadian customs–that’s the slowest part of the whole procedure.)

Deliberate Deceptions, book 3 of the Hauberk Protection series

Coming April 10th from:
AMZN buy4._V192207739_ Apple ibooks Nookbox Kobo

Copyright © 2011 Leah Braemel

His lips hovered centimeters above hers, his breath warm on her cheek, his eyes locked on her mouth. She expected him to lean down, to take charge, to kiss her. But he didn’t. Instead he held himself in check with a rigid control, as if he were fighting a battle. And winning.
“I don’t want just one night, Lauren. I want it all back again—us, the way we were. We both know that’s not going to happen.”
All her doubts crumbled into dust. He wanted her still. “We don’t know that.”
She tilted her chin and closed the distance between them until her lips brushed his. He didn’t move, letting her tongue slide against the seam joining them but not allowing her entry. She wouldn’t beg but if he wouldn’t accept her kiss, she’d find another way past his defenses.

…a gorgeous love story that will break your heart and mend it all over again.~Joyfully Reviewed

Her hands flattened over his chest, seeking his shirt buttons. He didn’t move as she undid them one by one. His stomach muscles tensed when she parted the opening of his shirt and touched bare skin. She affected him, no matter how hard he tried to hide it. She was so close. If she could just convince him to let go, to give her a chance…she traced the curve of his stomach, up to his pectorals. Love me. Please.
As if she’d touched a switch, his body shuddered beneath her fingers. He drew a deep breath, then his lips captured hers, taking command of the kiss. His tongue swept over her lips as if he were sampling her, preparing to feast upon her. He adjusted the angle of his head; his chin rasped over hers, the heat of the razor burn rousing a lingering reminder of their lovemaking long ago.
This was what she’d remembered, what she’d dreamed of all these years. Wanted. Needed. he hadn’t touched her with anything but his mouth. She wanted his hands on her, all over her, every inch of his body touching hers. His chest, his stomach, his hips. More than the hard length of his thigh holding her in place.
Her hands slid around his waist in an attempt to pull him closer but he resisted her attempts. Damn it, if he wouldn’t come to her, she’d go to him.
She shifted until they were chest to chest, cradling his erection against her mound, relieved to feel the proof that he wanted her as much as she needed him. The pressure against her chest increased when he captured her wrists, dragged them over her head. God yes, like that. Take me hard and fast, the way I love.
Their combined breathing was heavy and harsh in the room as they stood there, panting. Waiting. The hell with waiting. She’d waited too long for this chance, she wasn’t going to let it slip away. Holding her breath, she ground her hips against his erection.
With a groan she felt to her toes, Chad dropped his head to her shoulder. His mouth sought out the spot beneath her ear, a spot he’d long ago learned connected straight to her pussy. His teeth nipped the spot, his tongue soothed the sting. Pain followed by pleasure. He repeated it. So hard and fast was out. Slow and easy was nice too.
Without warning, he straightened, releasing her. Instead of backing away, his fingers combed through her hair, one hand cupping the back of her head, holding her in place. “Tell me you don’t want this.”
“I can’t. I do want this.”
I want to go to bed with you lying beside me, knowing you’ll be there in the morning. I want to make you understand why I had to leave, take the pain away that I caused you. I want us.

They’re coming. Soon.

Just an update on what’s going on with the remainder of my Hauberk series books since Samhain Publishing closed its doors on February 28th.  I’m still waiting for the official reversion of rights letters from Samhain — they are coming, but they have a ton of authors and books to revert, so it’s a slow process. But I need those documents before I can publish DELIBERATE DECEPTIONS and HIDDEN HEAT again because it is common for Amazon or other vendors to challenge authors about their rights. (And rightly so given the number of times asshats people have submitted other authors’ books as their own.)

**UPDATE:  I have since received the reversion of rights from Samhain Publishing, so the process is proceeding.  So many publishing companies have closed up shop in the middle of the night and left their authors in the lurch, so kudos to Crissy Brashear for closing her business with class. Thank you, Crissy.**

In the meantime, DELIBERATE DECEPTIONS and HIDDEN HEAT will be temporarily unavailable from all vendors.  While I’m waiting for that paperwork, I’m working hard to get both books new cover art, and do a quick re-edit of them. I’m not going to be substantially changing the stories, but there are a few things I want to update. Then they will be formatted for both digital and print formats.  Yes, DELIBERATE DECEPTIONS will have its own stand-alone print copy as well as a digital version. And the print version of DELIBERATE DECEPTIONS will also contain PERFECT PROPOSAL, the never-been-in-print-before follow-up to Sam and Rosie’s relationship.

So, please be patient if you’re a new to the Hauberk series reader — they’re returning soon. (Please please please do not download from a pirate site. Cover art, formatting, editing, all costs money that most authors, especially this one, do not have to spare.)

If you want to keep up to date for cover reveals or release dates, you can either follow this blog (you can find a link on the sidebar) or join my mailing list for news regarding this and other releases.

Samhain Publishing Closing February 28th

Yesterday Samhain Publishing announced that they will be closing their doors as of February 28th, 2017.  They had initially thought they would have to close their doors last year, but then after closing their physical offices hoped that maybe they could hang on. Sadly it has turned out that wasn’t meant to be.

What does this mean for you the reader? If you have ever bought any books directly from Samhain, you need to ensure that all your purchased books are backed up from their system into your library by the end of this month — as of March 1st you will no longer have access to your library online.  Samhain books do not have DRM so you should be able to sideload your copies onto your computer and devices fairly easily. (Or if you have a Kindle device/account, you can email them to your Kindle account.)  If you bought your books from a third-party vendor like Amazon or Barnes & Noble, you don’t need to worry; they won’t disappear from your accounts. But if you have a  favorite author’s book you’ve been meaning to buy but kept putting off, the Samhain versions will start disappearing from the vendors  as of March 1st. (Some stores take longer than others to remove their digital copies but don’t leave it to the last minute.)  Print books will still be available as long as the bookstores still have some in their inventory. Once they’re sold out, those versions will not be reprinted.

What does this mean for Samhain’s authors? Well, Christine Brashear has promised to give us back the rights to our books starting March 1st, so many of us are facing decisions as to whether to self-publish our titles or to find another publisher who might be interested in acquiring an already-published book. (Many publishers don’t.) Either way it means getting new blurbs/back cover copy, new cover art, and getting the books reformatted for digital and/or print. So some may be unavailable for a while. And some authors may decide not to put them out there at all. It’s a lot of work, and with the industry in the flux it is, it’s disheartening to have to throw thousands of dollars into self publishing a book and not break even for years, if ever. (No, that’s not an exaggeration.) Especially since some authors have upwards of 30 books reverting to them. That’s a lot of investment of money you may never see returned. And for that reason, I ask that if you do find a book you wish to purchase is unavailable, check with the author for their plans for re-release. Please do NOT turn to a pirate site.

What about my books? I am lucky. I only have two books left with Samhain — Deliberate Deceptions and Hidden Heat, the last two books in the Hauberk series. Since I have already self-published the first books in the series when the rights reverted to me last year, I most probably will self publish these too. But perhaps another publisher might be interested. You never know. There are lots of decisions and discussions going on in behind the scenes here. If I do self-publish them, I will make them available both in digital and print, like the first two, and I will include Perfect Proposal in the back of Deliberate Deceptions (since that’s the order they’re supposed to be read in) as a special treat for those who buy print books still. (Do you buy books in print still?)

In the meantime, I’m sad to see Samhain close its doors. They bought my first and second books (Private Property & Personal Protection), and published my first short story too (First Night). Even after my original editor left them and went over to Carina, I continued to publish with Samhain with Deliberate Deceptions and Hidden Heat. But this industry is tough and fluctuates month to month. Readers are flooded with many more books to choose from so it is hard to get your single book to be seen amongst the thousands of books releasing each week. The publishing world has changed in the past ten years as self published authors fought for exposure so now many readers expect books to be given away for free, or for 99 cents, not remembering (or not caring) that books can take months or even years of labor to produce just on the author’s side, then there are cover artists to be paid, developmental editors, copy editors, formatters, blurb writers, and a ton of other behind-the-scenes people who  toil away unseen, that most of us cannot afford to just give our work away or to have it pirated on the scale it is these days. But I will salute Ms. Brashear. She is closing her business down with class, making sure her authors are paid and their rights are returned. The way it should always be done but sadly often isn’t.

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A new look…

For those who don’t subscribe to my newsletter (or didn’t open my last newsletter), or aren’t members of my Facebook reader group, you may not have seen that PRIVATE PROPERTY is getting a new look.  I’m going to be putting it out in print next month, which meant I needed a print cover that includes a spine and the back cover.

So the lovely Candice Philips Gilmer of Flirtation Designs worked some magic and came up with this:

Private Property print cover by Leah Braemel

I’ve always loved the film-noir quality that the original covers from Samhain Publishing had, and I love how Candice has captured a similar feel. In the coming months, the other Hauberk books that have reverted to me will be redone in the same style so there’s a cohesiveness within the series. (Wait til you see what she’s done with PERSONAL PROTECTION!) So you’ll soon be seeing this new cover  at the various vendors on the digital version such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks and Kobo but you’ll also see a print version link too.

The physical print copy arrived in my mailbox from Createspace earlier this week — and will soon be available through Createspace so that you’ll be able to buy PRIVATE PROPERTY in print via Amazon, and in a few months after that, in print through other venues too. (It takes a while for it to get out to those other stores.)  Oh and here’s a BONUS — the print version of PRIVATE PROPERTY will also contain FIRST NIGHT, so you’ll get both stories in that print version.

Don’t forget, if you want news about future releases (Personal Protection is getting a make over for its print edition too), make sure you sign up for my newsletter.

Oh, and if you have some of my books with the original covers and like to have all your books look the same but realized the old versions are no longer available, I do have copies of the old versions available for sale if you want them. I’ll be announcing how you can purchase them in an upcoming newsletter…

Fall in love with Sam (all over again)


PERSONAL PROTECTION, the second book in the Hauberk Protection series, returns in digital format today. If you haven’t read it yet, now’s your chance to read the book with the hero I’m asked about most when I get emails or when I meet readers at conferences. Sam first appeared in PRIVATE PROPERTY, where he realized Mark was in love with Jodi and also realized Mark needed a kick in the pants to open his eyes and admit it. When I first wrote that story, he was such a strong character I had a hard time not letting take over — he was demanding scenes in his own POV. But I managed to placate him by writing him his own story, and paired him up with Rosie, a woman who could kick his behind and then some.

If you have already read the original version, there are minor changes to this version.  I’ve updated the technology (where is there a pay phone available these days?) but the story is the same. (I daren’t muck about with Sam or Rosie — my readers would revolt!)

Buy the Paperback!


Coming to Amazon and other bookstores soon!

AMZN buy4._V192207739_ waxcreative-bn-nook Apple ibooks

Despite owning a security business, Sam Watson refuses protection for himself, even after receiving threats from a stalker. His second-in-command, however, isn’t willing to take no for an answer, and assigns Sam a security detail headed by none other than Rosalinda Ramos—Sam’s secret object of lust. As an employee, she’s strictly hands-off. Though, working so closely together, Sam isn’t sure how long he can resist.

A female in a male-dominated industry, Rosie has enough on her plate just proving her worth, so she keeps her attraction to Sam firmly in check. Until she learns he co-owns an exclusive sex club. While investigating the club as a possible source of the threat, Rosie discovers her own interest in certain sexual proclivities. Before long, it’s all bets off, and all hands-on, for Sam and Rosie.

But the couple will soon discover the real threat to Sam is much, much closer to home…and something from which Rosie may not be able to save him.



Copyright © 2009 Leah Braemel
All rights reserved — a Somerlane Publishing publication

Thirty minutes later, a rhythmic noise had her peeking around the door. Wearing only a pair of shorts, Sam was working out on a rowing machine. His shoulder muscles rippled and his thighs bulged as he hauled on the pulley. Rosie stood in the doorway, entranced by a bead of sweat as it rolled down his forehead and slid down his neck.

The play of his muscles as he worked out made her imagine his chest flexing over her, his arms planted either side of her head. She’d dig her fingers into those broad shoulders, feel his strength as he held himself above her. When he drove into her, she’d wrap her legs about his, feel the power of his thighs as he whipped her into an orgasmic frenzy.

He’s your boss, her conscience hissed. She fled to the safety of the living room, wondering if she was fleeing Sam, or the strength of her desire.

You’re just horny, she reminded herself. It’s been almost a year since you’ve been with a guy and now you’ve got the man of your dreams at your fingertips. You’ve been on a starvation diet and he’s a delicious hunk of cherry chocolate cheesecake.

Forty minutes later the sounds changed and the whir of the treadmill started, followed by a regular thumping that gradually sped up as his feet pounded on the belt. An hour more had passed when she heard the shower turn on in his bathroom.

“…a vibrantly refreshing story that sizzles with a burning sensuality, all with a depth of emotions that will unlock the reader’s hidden desires…This is a delightful tale of deception and passion that is sure to stand the test of time.”~5 Hearts, Shannon, The Romance Studio

She found herself prowling along the floor-to-ceiling windows like a panther trapped in a cage. He’d be naked, those four showerheads in his expansive bathroom pounding his back with steady pulses of hot water. Water that would cascade over his chest, sluice down his belly and over his cock. A cock she wanted to—STOP IT!

When the water shut off, she turned her back to the room and pretended to focus on the lights of the city. But once he stepped into the room, the lights faded and all she could see was the reflection of Sam. Wearing only a pair of navy sweats and a towel wrapped around his neck, he prowled across the room to stand directly behind her. The broad expanse of his chest was still visible in his reflection for the top of her head barely cleared the base of his sternum.

“The view is beautiful, isn’t it?” he said softly. Except he wasn’t looking at the panorama of the city, he was looking at her reflection.

“Y-yes.” It took every ounce of her willpower to continue facing the windows, not to turn into the chest that formed a wall at her back, not to touch the scar down the middle of his chest, or the star-shaped bullet wound just to the left and ask him about it. She’d once asked, but no one, not even Chad, would tell her the story of who’d put it there. She closed her eyes and forced herself to breathe slowly.

Closing her eyes only made her awareness of him worse. It let her focus on the warmth that flowed from him, enveloping her in a comforting blanket. While he hadn’t put on any more of that wonderful cologne he wore, she was aware of a scent underneath the smell of the soap he’d used. Every man she ever met from now on would be compared to the man standing directly behind her.

Her breath left her in a whoosh when he placed his hands lightly on her shoulders.

“You look like you’ve had a tough day, Ms. Ramos. You need to relax.”

Heck he didn’t even have to touch her, his voice alone could melt her bones and turn her into a puddle of goo at his feet. When his fingers massaged her shoulders, she couldn’t help but lean into his touch.

“That’s it, Rosie. Just relax.”

Her breasts felt heavier, warmer, the fabric of her blouse tightened over her nipples longing to be touched by the fingers that caressed her neck.

The unique ringtone she’d assigned to Chad’s number interrupted her. Crap! How had she forgotten that she was not only Sam’s employee but his bodyguard?

Employee, not lover. Remember his type. Tall, lithe and beautiful. And if she added the news clippings and photos of his last girlfriend to the equation, rich.

She straightened her shoulders, and without looking at Sam’s reflection, took a half step sideways, unholstering her phone as she fled the kitchen. “Hey, Chad, what’s up?”

When she returned, she found Sam sprawled on the couch, one foot on the floor, the other propped up on the coffee table. He patted the cushion beside him. “Come here, Rosie, let me finish that backrub.”

“I’m here to protect you, Mr. Watson. Not to relax.”

His lips tilted up in a half smile that she knew so well. “You don’t mind if I relax though, do you?”

Something about the way he asked had her on alert. Nothing he said ever meant quite what she expected.

Dip your toe into the Hauberk series–for free!

With PRIVATE PROPERTY and PERSONAL PROTECTION being released with new covers, etc, I figured some of you may not have read the short story that introduced Jodi and Mark, and more importantly, Sam Watson who is the owner of Hauberk Protection, and a force to be reckoned with. He’s the most popular hero I’ve written to date.

So I’ve set FIRST NIGHT so you can download it for free at Barnes & Noble (Nook), Kobo, iBooks, and Smashwords. (Amazon doesn’t let authors set books free — readers have to report it is free in other venues to get them to lower the price. So if you’re an Amazon Kindle reader, copy one of the links I have below, and “report a lower report” over on FIRST NIGHT’s Amazon page.)


When it comes to her love life, security specialist Jodi Tyler has hit a dry spell the size of the Sahara. Not to mention her track record for choosing guys who aren’t threatened by a strong woman isn’t the best. When a friend at her company’s New Year’s Eve party issues a challenge to seduce their boss, the uber sexy Mark Rodriguez, Jodi accepts.

The last thing Mark Rodriguez needs right now is another distraction. His company is under attack and he’s desperately trying to hold it together. When the blonde bombshell he hired as his second-in-command struts into the room and straddles his lap, who is he to turn her down? Especially with her offer of a no-strings-attached affair.

But when the clock strikes midnight, and the ball drops on Times Square, has Jodi won the bet or lost her heart?


AMZN buy4._V192207739_Apple ibooksnookKobo