Leah Braemel infuses her pleasurably sensual love stories with compelling characters, depth of emotion, delights of passion and the joy of love that equals a treat for the reader.

 ~ The Romance Studio


Love contemporary romances? Westerns? Especially with a little extra heat? Then check out Leah’s books — from her Hauberk Protection series, a sexy, edgy contemporary series, and her sexy Tangled Texas-set stories, to her fun books like Feeding the Flames and I Need You for Christmas. Here’s where you can find something for everyone (who is over 18, that is)


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About Leah

Okay, here’s the dry official version: Married to her college sweetheart and the mother of two sons, Leah Braemel is the only woman in a houseful of men—even their dog and cat are male. After a conversation with her eldest son