All right, I have to admit it, I’m starting to feel old. It’s all thanks to my eyesight. Last year I blogged about having to wear two pair of glasses since my prescription is so screwed up that my trifocals don’t have enough room for me to focus on the […]

Monitoring my vision, an interview, and a contest

Zits by Jerry Scott & Jim Borgman has been one of my favorite comics for a long time now, and today’s panel is just one more reason to love it. What can I say about it? The multiple glasses on the head? That’s me. (I even blogged a while back […]

Is there a camera hidden in my house?

Thanks to Kaenar Langford for pointing this video out to me after a discussion of how trifocals suck. Anytime I hear this song from here on in, I’m going to be thinking of this video.

Bored, tubby and mild?

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The woohoo moment? I opened my email this morning and found a confirmation from Chapters telling me my order has been shipped. Which order is that? JR Ward’s latest, Phury’s story. Woohoo!!!! I should be getting it tomorrow or so – my Black Dagger Brotherhood fix is almost here! The […]

A Woohoo moment, and a D’oh moment

During my morning phone call with Mom, she told me about visiting Dad yesterday. They were sitting in one of the lounges as she was signing forms for the administrator, Karen; Dad was complaining because he couldn’t understand why she couldn’t stay with him overnight. So Karen said “Oh, she […]

Guess he’s feeling better…

It’s not going to be smooth sailing ahead, but I don’t think I’m going to founder. (How’s that for a metaphor? Or is that analogy?) Dad’s definitely suffered some massive brain injury which has left him a husk of what he used to be. He doesn’t remember me at all, […]

Maintaining an Even Keel