Barnes & Noble

Own a Nook?  Want a short story to read over your lunch, or on the train on the way into or home from work?  Perfect Proposal is the perfect length.  And it’s now available for your Nook through Barnes and Noble.

Perfect Proposal now available at B&N

I was wandering around Barnes & Noble’s website the other day and discovered that the excerpt for Texas Tangle is not from Texas Tangle at all, it’s for some other book set in England.  I’ve alerted The Powers That Be at Carina to see if we can get it straightened […]

Texas Tangle Excerpt Wrong on Barnes & Noble

Donna, Terri and Zee Donna, you’ve won the cowboy-boot earrings, Terri and Zee, you’ve each won a book bag. Donna, I’ll be sending you an email to the addy attached to your blogger profile to get your mailing information, or you can send me one if you read this first; […]

Winners of the Texas Tangle Contest